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 Year Group Book Lists 


Below you will find a list of recommended books for your children to read in each year group. Please note many are story books and some children will need some help from you to read them or in some cases read the books to them. Please remember children at any age benefit from having books read to them and also reading the books themselves. I have a teenager at home and we still share a book, where I read a page and he reads a page, at the moment it is Lord of the Rings so it might take us a while to get to the end! 

The lists below are help guide you and other family members when purchasing books for your children. 

If you have any copies of the books from younger years that you would be happy to donate to the school to distribute then we would be very grateful. 

If your child is registered for Pupil Premium then we will be able to subsidise the cost of any books you wish to purchase.