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 Year Group Book Lists 


Below you will find a list of recommended books for your children to read in each year group. Please note many are story books and some children will need some help from you to read them or in some cases read the books to them. Please remember children at any age benefit from having books read to them and also reading the books themselves. I have a teenager at home and we still share a book, where I read a page and he reads a page, at the moment it is Lord of the Rings so it might take us a while to get to the end! 

The lists below are help guide you and other family members when purchasing books for your children. 


Further uses of the Book Lists:


Children's Birthdays

At Pilgrims' Cross we also have a tradition on children's birthdays. if families wish to, they can donate a book instead of bringing in sweets or cakes for the class. The school will add a Book Plate inside the book marking the donation with the child's name. If families wish to take part in this tradition then the Book Lists below can help with choosing an appropriate book. 


Christmas Cards 

From 2019, the school proposes that families do not write individual Christmas cards to reduce the emotional impact for some children who do not receive many cards, to reduce the cost to families at Christmas and also reduce the impact on the environment.  Families are asked to write one card to the class and then if they wish make a donation to "Save the Children" or buy a book for the class as a Christmas Present.

If families wish to buy such a present at Christmas then the Book Lists can help.