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Our Peace Garden

In 2020 and now again 2021, the World is facing a devastating COVID-19 pandemic. It has resulted in many deaths and much illness. This tragedy has also caused much upset, stress and anxiety for many in our school community.


However, much LOVE was shown through this difficult time and continues to be!  This LOVE has come in many forms from food donations to "Hearts for Homes." We have and are facing this horrid virus together as one community and we are determined to help everyone mentally and physically survive! 


In order to mark this time in history,  to remember the LOVE shown during this pandemic and create something to help us heal, we wanted to create something significant and permanent on the school site. 


So we decided to create  a "PEACE GARDEN!"


Why are we creating the Peace Garden

To create a spiritual and peaceful space in the school for staff and children to reflect, pray, be still and refresh their mental state.


How will it be used?


Children will use the garden when accessing the library and read together or on their own peacefully and also enjoying the fresh air and nature.
Children will use the garden to calm down if helpful to regulate their behaviour.
Children will use the garden to develop and address any gaps in their emotional development.
Children will engage in Worships in the garden to aide prayer, reflection and appreciation of God’s creation.
Staff will use the garden at their break times to enjoy the fresh air, nature, relax and / or pray.



What we are hoping to achieve?


Staff and children feel calmer.
Staff and children have a space that is always peaceful when they need it.
The school has a space that celebrates the positive aspects of COVID-19.
The garden engages the senses.
The garden brings people together in a positive way and marks this significant time in History.


and the Peace Garden design has been inspired by this Bible Quote 


"Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink" 

                                                                                                          John 7:37

The location of the Peace Garden and present state of affairs!

Still image for this video

Artist Impression of our Future PEACE GARDEN (courtesy of Mr Ritchie)

This PEACE GARDEN PROJECT is being co-ordinated by Mr Ritchie (for the school) and Mrs Cooper (for the FOPS/ PTA) 


We will be posting updates on this website so please do keep visiting and if you do want to get involved or wish to donate your time, money or expertise then please do email the school office - 

A Very Special Visit!



The Deputy Lieutenant, Mr Andrew Kent, representing Her Majesty the Queen, wrote to us a few weeks ago and asked if he could visit, meet the children and thank the staff for all their hard work and dedication over the pandemic. He had heard a lot about our lovely school and how we try hard to live by our Christian values of LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST.

I was so pleased, and felt honoured he had chosen the school and that the children and staff were going to benefit from this opportunity. Also, that the staff and other volunteers who helped us support you and the children over the last two years were going to be officially thanked.


So, on Wednesday last week, The Deputy Lieutenant met with some year 5 and 6 children, he took a tour of the school and visited every classroom. He officially opened the Peace Garden with the Planet Ambassadors (partly funded by your good selves and FOPS) and our new Spruce Room (funded by a wonderful donation by Mrs Bruce, a local resident's will.) Both these wonderful spaces in school are our way of "positively" marking this strange COVID time in history and will give the staff and children spaces to be peaceful, reflective, prayerful and work through any emotional difficulties they are having in the future.