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This Year's School Development Plan

The school’s developments are decided through rigorous self evaluation, which includes data analysis, evaluations of teaching and learning and parents and staff surveys, staff discussions, governors evaluations, local authority reviews and internal educational research. 


This self-evaluation leads to areas of development to strengthen the school’s teaching and learning approach – Adventurous Learning which has 3 main elements: 

Transformational Up for It Attitude (Behaviour and Personal Development) 

Transformational Learning Adventure Curriculum (Quality of Education - Curriculum)

Transformational Great Guiding (Quality of Education - Teaching and Learning)


These elements are improved through School Development Focus and also Transformational Professional Guiding (Leadership and Management) 




This Year's Schoool Development Foci for each ot these areas are detailed below, there is a deliberate and rigorous focus on those children who struggle due to a disadvantage and also those who have been adversly effected by the LOCKDOWNs. 


Transformational UP FOR IT ATTITUDE

To Further support our children to become more self-assured, emotionally resilient develop coping strategies and ways to promote their positive well being.



To ensure our Learning Adventure Curriculum is planned and implemented to enable mastery in understanding of knowledge and skills, including digital understanding


To ensure our Learning Adventure Curriculum helps children understand, appreciate, take responsibility for and Love the world around them. (w.r.t Sustainable Development Goals)


Transformational GREAT GUIDING

To ensure all children are challenged and supported to take risks towards their individual next step in their learning. 


To ensure children make links in their learning to previous learning and other present areas of learning.



To ensure there are high levels of professional understanding of the subjects they lead so Subject Prof Guides can guide others in best practice with respect to subject specific Adventurous Learning


To ensure Professional Guidance for staff to ensure all children receive Transformational Adventurous Learning (esp those with a disadvantage)


We measure the impact of the work we do @ Pilgrims' Cross by evaluting how well ALL children 


Defined Below (pls note the academic outcomes come under A for Accomplishment.)