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This Year's School Development Plan

The school’s developments are decided through rigorous self evaluation, which includes data analysis, evaluations of teaching and learning and parents and staff surveys, staff discussions, governors evaluations, local authority reviews and internal educational research.


This self-evaluation leads to areas of development to strengthen the school’s teaching and learning approach – Adventurous Learning and the associated Leadership. Adventurous Learning approach to teaching and learning was chosen and refined due to the school’s vision which is the driving force for the school and all its stakeholders.


The school vision states…

All children will be LOVING,COURAGEOUS and TRUSTWORTHY so they can become TALENTED ROLE MODELS and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in God’s World.


To understand how the school “works” we have created one diagram, overleaf, and it is based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Thinking. So please start with the VISION  (The WHY) first, then read the detail concerning Adventurous Learning (The HOW) and then our aim, (THE WHAT) which is to be a

TRANSFORMATIONAL SCHOOL where all children achieve better than anyone would have expected.


Each rectangle describes the foci for this year to further strengthen each area of Adventurous Learning. 


Picture 1 School Development Foci for 2018-19