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Planet Ambassadors

We are the Pilgrims’ Cross Planet Ambassadors.

Our job is to make a positive difference to God’s world by looking after the school environment and encouraging others to do the same smiley

*picture coming soon!

Our names are: Lilian, Lauren, Madeline, Bobby, Charles and Kalden

and we are Year 6s from Aspen Class.


What are we working on in the summer term?

  • We are working with Catherine Eldred, a landscape architect from Hampshire County Council, who is helping us to plan and carry out improvements to the school’s outdoor spaces.

One of our first jobs is to gather the views of pupils and staff about our outdoor spaces. This includes: how the spaces are currently used, what we like about them, what we don’t like about them and what we’d like from our outdoor spaces in the future.


  • We are also organising litter-picking and designing posters to encourage pupils to use the bins on the playground.


  • Finally, we are working with Mr White and the rest of Year 6 to plant hundreds (yes HUNDREDS!) of daffodil bulbs and trees on the school site for future pupils of Pilgrims’ Cross to enjoy and watch grow year after year.