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Cyber Ambassadors

Our Year 5 Cyber Ambassadors Crew have received their offcial training and now wish to make a positive difference in our school and community. We aim to support pupils and parents to be more mindfully aware of online dangers through exploring the Cyber Seas and its Sea Monsters. We will be defeating a Cyber Sea Monster through challenges every fortnight until the end of the academic year. 


Our 7 Cyber Ambassadors have allocated themselves to a year group and have created a post box (with poster introducing themselves) for children to post their Cyber concerns, to be supported or resolved by the crew.


The Cyber crew will be introducing themselves next Wednesday 19/5/2021 to the whole school and launching our first Cyber challenge.  


Max, Isla, Kundana, Oyin, Ellena, Leo, Jesse, Mrs Hickman 




Watch out! Our first Cyber Sea Monster 'Info-Eater' is on the loose!  Find out how you can defeat him by looking at, and completing, the activities below.