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Dear All,


It is my great pleasure to be the Headteacher of Pilgrims' Cross CE Aided Primary School. I was introduced to the school when I came to support the school as a part-time Interim Headteacher in the Summer Term 2015. I was not planning on a career move at that time however, there was something about this school that made me change my mind.


That "something" had two parts:

1. The feeling of mutual respect across the school, both at an adult level and a child level. Everyone made me feel very welcome and were very polite and respectful to each other, even when things went a little wrong! Simply, there was a feeling of Love for all across the school.


2. The school is on an exciting journey as it grows and I felt, I could guide this learning community, to develop a school which is transformational in the children's and parents' eyes and based on the school's three Christian Values of



So I applied for the post and after two days of rigorous interviewing the Governors felt I was the right person for the job. I am so pleased they did as I really wanted to be the Headteacher of this school, not anyone - this one!


To begin this stage of the school's journey, I led an inset day along with an advisor from the Diocese around the meaning of the school's Christian Values, which resulted in the definitions detailed on the OUR VALUES PAGE. This was a great day as we now have a shared understanding of these Christian Values and how we can make them real to the children. Another result of the inset day was the following diagram, which details the "characteristics of the person" we would like the children to be when they leave us in Year 6. This diagram will help us shape the education each child will receive, both academically and emotionally. And from this day forward, we are all committed to work relentlessly to ensure we achieve this for ALL the children that attend our school. THE SCHOOL'S VISION IS SUMMARISED AS FOLLOWS:


"ALL children at Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School are LOVING, COURAGEOUS and TRUSTWORTHY so they become TALENTED ROLE MODELS and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in God's world."


If you would like a tour of the school, please call the school office and myself or my Deputy Headteacher will be very happy to meet with you and show you our wonderful school.


Thank you for reading this message.


Mr Jon Le Fevre

(NPQH, Ma Ed)



Research around the area revealed evidence of a pilgrimage route. In the developers planning documents are highlighted:


‘A key landscape feature is The Harroway, a track way with prehistoric origins. This runs to the north of Andover.’ ‘The track way remained in use through into the Medieval period as a thoroughfare towards Canterbury and London for pilgrims.’


As the school is a Church of England School, the notion of pilgrimage seemed in keeping with the idea that we are all on a journey through life and learning.  Also, as the school will be on its own journey as it grows and develops, the name Pilgrims’ Cross fell into place.