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Dear All,


Firstly I would like to welcome you to Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School's Website and I really hope you will find all the information you are seeking, if not please do give us a ring and we will be very happy to help you. 


We are very proud of our school and the education we offer and that we are a child-centred school who values every child and uses the school vision only to drive school improvement, which is detailed below: 




"ALL children at Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School are LOVING, COURAGEOUS and TRUSTWORTHY so they become TALENTED ROLE MODELS and MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in God's world."


In order, to realise this Vision for all our children we prioritise the children's needs and their quality of education, based on educational best practice and research and resist negative external pressures. (Please see our Assessment for Children Charter as an example.)  We strive to make the children's education relevant, interesting and exciting through a bespoke approach called ADVENTUROUS LEARNING (More information on our Curriculum page) 


Alongside, the wonderful curriculum and great teaching we also invest greatly in the children's personal development well being and we are very proud to be a THRIVE AMBASSADOR SCHOOL. This status recognised our focus on children's individual personal development and the support we give families when in need. 


As you can probably tell from the above I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School and lead our wonderful staff and serve our amazing and inspirational children, 


If you would like to visit the school, then please do not hesitate to contact the school via the contact form or please just give us a call. 



Mr Jon Le Fevre

(NPQH, Ma Ed)



Research around the area revealed evidence of a pilgrimage route. In the developers planning documents are highlighted:


‘A key landscape feature is The Harroway, a track way with prehistoric origins. This runs to the north of Andover.’ ‘The track way remained in use through into the Medieval period as a thoroughfare towards Canterbury and London for pilgrims.’


As the school is a Church of England School, the notion of pilgrimage seemed in keeping with the idea that we are all on a journey through life and learning.  Also, as the school will be on its own journey as it grows and develops, the name Pilgrims’ Cross fell into place.