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A warm welcome to Pilgrims’ Cross CE Aided Primary School. My name is Richard Osmond and I am the Interim Head teacher at the school.


We are currently in a period of exciting change, with a teaching staff that merges youthful exuberance and energy, with experience and integrity.


With the departure of our previous Headteacher, we await the appointment of our new Head expectantly and with purpose. We are in a process of change, so this means that despite the challenges that come our way, there also comes great opportunity.


At Pilgrims’ Cross we believe that ALL our children should experience infinite learning possibilities. Through the consistent delivery and celebration of our adventurous curriculum, we want our children to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to prosper in the present and flourish in the future.


We also believe we need to facilitate learning that instils passion for any subject. We want to encourage our children to be open-minded thinkers, share innovative ideas and be insanely curious learners. 


This next generation will need to be problem-solvers who can navigate challenges individually and together. They will need to be able to be self-reflective and have the ability to bounce back and sometimes be that critical friend. We want these skills and attributes to be present in abundance when the time comes for the children to move onto secondary school.  


We are a church school and we do believe that stories from The Bible and Jesus’ teachings are just as fresh in their message today, as they were back then. We want our children to love, laugh and learn, developing healthy and heartfelt relationships with one another, so that ALL children at Pilgrims’ Cross gain a true sense of belonging and self-worth.


Pilgrims’ Cross is a warm and inclusive school. Our core values of LOVE, COURAGE and TRUST are embedded and lived out by the children and adults and during this transition between Headteachers we want to further extend our invitation to the wider community. 






With support from our Governors, FOPS Team (Friends of Pilgrims' School - PTA) and our linked church (St Marys) we want to open our doors and minds to new opportunities and welcome you all in any capacity we can.   


I have been in education for 32 years and I am both honoured and privileged to be in my current position. Be assured that the staff here at Pilgrims’ Cross put the children ahead of everything else and share my desire and determination to give children at Pilgrims’ Cross CE Aided Primary School the very best learning experiences, each and every day.  




Kindest regards and God bless,


Mr Osmond

Interim Headteacher