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Welcome to the PTA section.


As soon as the school opened, we felt a PTA would be beneficial and so we established 'Friends of Pilgrims' School', in order to provide valuable and active support to the school and the local community.  Our first AGM was held on 10th December 2013.  This group contributes in time and practical work, to help raise funds to enhance provision for the children and the wider community.  In addition to providing a social platform to meet one another in an informal setting through activities and events.


The group may also be consulted on changes to school policies and other matters where parental and community involvement and ideas are valued. 

All parents are automatically members of the Friends Group when their child starts at the school as are members of the Picket Twenty Community, and can contribute as little or as much as they are able.


The group can be contacted directly on this email address:



FOPS meets monthly, please contact them on the above email address for days/times.


If you are interested in taking an active role, please contact the school office or email the Friends of Pilgrims' group.

The Friends group are a member of PTA UK and endeavour to work in partnership with the Picket Twenty Community Association: