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SIAMS (Church School) Inspection - Values, RE and Spirituality


Our first SIAMS inspection was undertaken on 1st March 2016.


I have the pleasure of presenting the official SIAMS report, please see below, which reflects the inspector’s view of the school and the strengths and areas for development for us as a church school.


The overall judgement made by the inspector is that:

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Pilgrims’ Cross as a Church School is GOOD.


This is an amazing result and we are very proud of it. This outcome confirms the school’s and Governor’s own evaluation of the school at this time. The school began the adventure when it opened, it has recently re-grouped and surged forward and now we need to keep on exploring! We will then be outstanding, if not better. The inspector said we have the potential to be “transformational!”


The inspector was very impressed with the children’s ability to discuss “big questions”, their respect for each other, their listening skills and their lovely welcoming attitude to visitors.


I am very proud to be the Headteacher of a school that is described as follows:

  • “Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas with confidence knowing that they will be listened to with respect.”
  • “Religious education…serves children well as they acquire a secure knowledge of Christianity and other world faiths and they are able to apply their knowledge to learn from their studies.”
  •  “Parents agree this (open) approach is one that is inclusive regardless of whether you have a faith or not; children are allowed to question their own and the beliefs of others.” 


This positive attitude from the children is a result of the staff’s hard work, developing an inclusive environment and allowing the children to share their ideas and thoughts openly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work and commitment to create such a loving and lovely school.


Finally, I would like to thank the parents for their support of the school, the children and the staff. They have coped with lots of change and instability over the last few terms, however, they have kept their heads up and kept backing the school. They should take some credit for the outcome of this inspection and the wonderful school ethos we have created together.


For the future, we need to continue to work together and keep building this wonderful school where children can: trust each other, have courage to answer / ask questions and respect (love) other people’s answers. We then WILL achieve our school vision:


"ALL children at Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School are LOVING, COURAGEOUS and TRUSTWORTHY so will become TALENTED ROLE MODELS and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in God's world."

(i.e. We will be transformational!)


Enjoy the SIAMS report below.