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The school since 2016 has been developing its Educational Provision (including the curriculum) using Simon Sinek's GOLDEN CIRCLE Model which focuses driving developments from the WHY (the values and vision) for the organisation) through the HOW (what the organisation does / works) resulting in the WHAT (the outcome).

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This Model maps direct across to Ofsted's thinking and ideas of INTENT, (the why), IMPLEMENTATION (the how) and the IMPACT (the what). 


So the school has a whole school INTENT (School vision) , IMPLEMENTATION ( full educational provision - Adventurous Learning) and IMPACT (our intended outcomes for the children) and then we have created sub - Intents, Implementation for "Curriculum", "Teaching and Learning" and "Behaviour and Personal Development" which all leads to the whole school IMPACT!


In the following pages the whole school INTENT(Why), IMPLEMENTATION (How) and IMPACT(What) is detailed. 

At the bottom of this page you will find the Curriculum  sub - Intent, Implementation for the CURRICULUM. There is also further details on the subject pages concerning what is taught when across the school (which you will see is part of sub-intent for the Curriculum.)

The overall INTENT (our WHY!)  for the Education provided by Pilgrims’ Cross CE (A) Primary School’s is summarised in the school’s vision which has been created together from the school’s Core Christian Values of



The School Vision:


All children at Pilgrims’ Cross CE (A) Primary School are LOVING, COURAGEOUS and TRUSTWORTHY so they will become TALENTED, ROLE MODELS and MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in God’s World.




LOVING is acting from a place of respect and kindness towards themselves, others and the world, like the Good Samaritan.


COURAGEOUS is being brave and resilient, celebrating and learning from mistakes and challenging injustice and inequality, like Jesus’s disciples. 


TRUSTWORTHY is showing integrity. As the Holy Spirit guides us we try to make the right choices (even when no one is watching!), creating appropriate trusting relationships on and off line and trusting in own and others abilities.

TALENTED is to first identify and value own and others unique talents (as God does) and apply them to solve “tricky” problems and make new things of value (i.e be creative).


ROLE-MODEL is embracing and excel in opportunities of responsibility and act in away that others would describe as a “good example” to be followed, as Jesus showed us.


MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE as Jesus did, have a positive impact on themselves , others or the world physically, emotionally or spiritually.


To achieve this INTENT the school has decided to implement ADVENTUROUS LEARNING across the school, which is an approach to primary education which is based on up to date research and best practice.

The Overall School Approach to IMPLEMENTATION:


Adventurous Learning Approach to Primary Education has 5 interconnected elements which are detailed below and summarised below:




This is a challenging learning outcome that the children will want to achieve, which is relevant, interesting and also the next step in their development. All children have the right to reach the destination and not be left behind. These learning destinations are shared across the school with all members of our learning community including the children's parents.


combined with,,,



This is a planned map of the possible route(s) the children will take to reach the destination. This map will contain a variety of different stages (lessons) depending on what is being learnt at that time in the adventure. There is always flexibility in the map to incorporate the children’s interest, misconceptions or assessment of their progress towards the destination. The routes on the map will be changed (and even personalised) in order to ensure ALL children will reach the destination.


The combination of Interesting Leaning Destination and Flexible Map creates what is locally known as a LEARNING ADVENTURE. These LEARNING ADVENTURES are mapped out using key objectives to create the school’s  




These are adults that guide the children during their adventures. Great guides will use an extensive range of techniques to guide the children to ensure they all reach the destination. You will see, during the learning adventures, guides instructing, questioning, feeding back, modelling, challenging and giving appropriate support (FEEDBACK). Guides may also give some children extra guidance if they are struggling with the adventure or struggling with basic skills needed to reach the destination. 



These are skills the children will develop and use during their learning adventures, these skills will include resilience, team work, communication and problem solving. These skills will help them  reach their interesting learning destinations and also in later life.



This is a positive attitude which ensures all children fully participate, take risks and talk about their learning adventures. This is developed by the guides during the learning adventures by creating a safe emotional and physical environment, built on trust, mutual respect and understanding the children’s emotional development, (THRIVE.) Guides may give individual guidance to some children if they have any difficulties developing an ‘up for it’ attitude.



The Overall School IMPACT:

Pilgrims' Cross CE (A) Primary School will be a  TRANSFORMATIONAL SCHOOL – where we transform children’s lives and children achieve in areas of development, better than anyone would have expected.”


To achieve this impact and evaluate our effectiveness we have planned 2 steps to this ultimate goal:


 Step 1 towards Transformational


In line with national averages – KS2 (adhering to our assessment charter)

75%+ combined ARE in all year groups – Teacher Assessment 

Almost all PP (non-send) achieve at least ARE

 Most children securely within – Skills and Structure Thrive band

 All children make GOOD progress – School definition.

Those children below the expected standard are moving closer to the standard over time.

SEND children’s needs are being full  met and making good progress

The majority of children show understanding  of most of the key  objectives across the curriculum and talk about their learning with enthusiasm!  


Step 2 -  The ultimate goal

 Above national averages –     

 KS2 (adhering to our assessment charter)

 All children without SEND achieve ARE+   - teacher assessment

 All PP children achieve ARE or above

 All children leave securely in Skills and Structure

All children make GOOD progress or better – School definition.

Significant reduction of children  on SEND register and needing Specific support.

All most all children show understanding  of all most all of the key objectives across the curriculum and independently talk about their learning and what they have learnt with great enthusiasm.


WHOLE A SCHOOL INTENT(Why), IMPLEMENTATION( How) and IMPACT (What) in one diagram.


Third Learning Adventure Character

Please watch the video below and find out who our third Learning Character is and his tips how to help us learn.
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