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Word Art, below, summarises the children's comments when asked what is the BEST thing about Pilgrims' Cross.


MIKE FLEETHAM (Thinking Classroom)


I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the leadership team at Pilgrim’s Cross CE primary since 2016 and have seen the school grow and mature in that time. It is an organisation founded on strong Christian values; one that insists on offering staff the best professional development and children the best teaching. It’s a school that lets no child fall through the gaps. They are adventurous in their learning, effective in their leadership and authentic in their nurture of young lives.


Message from Mike to Parents Jan 2020


"As you know from your own experiences, life doesn't have its answers at the back of the book. It's an adventure with success and failure; excitement and boredom; joy and pain; wonder and fear. How wonderful that your child is in a school that's preparing them for the reality of their future. My own children are grown up now; if they were still school age, I'd move heaven and earth to get them into Pilgrims’ Cross.'




Every year we ask our Parents to complete a survey and here are some of the results.


92% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...their child is happy at school.


97% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...their child feels safe in school.


93% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...we guide the children well to behave well. 


88% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...The school is led and managed well.


87% of parents would recommend the school to other parents 

What the Parents say about the school.


These comments were submitted by our parents as part of the Parents' Survey 2022.

I have only listed a few of the positive comments we received, however I hope this small sample gives you a flavour of what our parents think of the school. Huge thank you to all the parents that took the time to complete and comment on the survey, it is very much appreciated. Mr Le Fevre



The school is a wonderful example of “getting it right”.


Very happy with the school and everything they have in place for my little one. Had concerns when he started with him having a echp in place and weather I had made the right decision. After he started I quickly realised it was the best decision. The teachers are amazing and do everything they can and need to for him to succeed and get the same chances as the other children. He’s really happy and settled here. The staff are amazing! I can’t thank them enough.



Fantastic dedicated headteacher Deputy head followed by well guided staff . Very child welfare driven in all aspects of learning and well being.


All in all, excellent school, happy kids, caring and lovely teachers. Reception staff are brilliant.


The school has great values, passionate teachers and the children really do thrive there. 


My daughter had an amazing primary school experience. Learnt loads and made great friends. She's got a great basis to start secondary school. Thank you to all her teachers and other staff across the years.


The school genuinely wants to provide the very best experience for the children. So much time effort and love is put into the school day and the adventures that are created. The school takes the emotional well being of the children incredibly seriously and generally the support is given when needed.


I believe children are genuinely at the heart of Pilgrims’ Cross school.


Very good school with very good standards.


We love everything about the school. The whole ethos works for us as a family! My son is supported when needed, encouraged and the teachers really do care!


It is a beautiful school with family values at its heart. It is always trying to be better and you can see that the staff are invested in what they do and in the children as well



What the Local Authority says about the school.


Every year we receive a developmental visit from the Local Authority, led by a Primary Phase Inspector and they share their view of the school. Here are some comments shared with us from that visit.


"Every classroom I visited today, I wanted to stay in!"


"There is compelling evidence of the school’s commitment to inclusion as it is a key driver of the planned curriculum."


"The reading leader has an excellent understanding of both the profile and quality of the delivery of phonics and the progress which different groups of pupils are making."


"The safeguarding leadership team have clear systems and process which are robust and are employed with beneficial effect."


"The use of assessment data is particularly effective to inform teaching groups and accelerating pupils learning."


"The quality of teaching and learning, linked to research, is continuing to ensure that pupil are engaged in learning."


"The school prides itself on an onnovative curriculum, and the principles behind this are secure."


"The key performance indicators and interim assessment statements are woven into the planning, giving the English and Mathematics curriculum increasing rigour."


"The visual learning journey in writing which maps out the skills that the children will need to covedr towards a written outcome is highly effective."








"Excellent insightful day. Loved the atmosphere and ethos of the school. The learning Adventures are incredible."


"Super training day in the best school we've been at. I love the outdoor learning and the creative side is really brilliant."


"Really inspiring day, what an amazing school! Christianity uses in such a practical and developmental way for children. I hope to use these ideas in my own practice. The atmosphere and values are really lovely, I was truly impressed!"


"Fantastic school. Well thought through learning. Why are we learning this? (this is a concept I will use in my own class.) Also, RE teaching has now been brought to life for me. I would love to work here!


" The school is wonderful and I found the adventurous learning really inspiring."


" A truly inspirational school!"


"Your school is amazing! I love the vision you have and that is clear throughout the school and in the books we saw."



VISITING TUTOR FROM LOCAL UNIVERSITY - working with some prospective teachers.


The children are clearly engaged and inspired by their learning adventures - I loved the fact that the school is very child-centric and they all appear very happy to be there. I was also impressed by the efforts of the teachers to ensure that the children are independent. We worked very closely with year 2 this morning and they were brilliant - their writing was fabulous and they were upset to stop working!
I also found it fascinating to observe qualified teachers (which I haven't had the opportunity to do for several years - I spend all my time in ITE) and just see the different approaches of different teachers to the same subject and the associated behaviours and outcomes of the children. 
I had a brilliant couple of days - thank you.