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MIKE FLEETHAM (Thinking Classroom)


I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the leadership team at Pilgrim’s Cross CE primary since 2016 and have seen the school grow and mature in that time. It is an organisation founded on strong Christian values; one that insists on offering staff the best professional development and children the best teaching. It’s a school that lets no child fall through the gaps. They are adventurous in their learning, effective in their leadership and authentic in their nurture of young lives.


Message from Mike to Parents Jan 2020


"As you know from your own experiences, life doesn't have its answers at the back of the book. It's an adventure with success and failure; excitement and boredom; joy and pain; wonder and fear. How wonderful that your child is in a school that's preparing them for the reality of their future. My own children are grown up now; if they were still school age, I'd move heaven and earth to get them into Pilgrims’ Cross.'




Every year we ask our Parents to complete a survey and here are some of the results.


97% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...My child is happy at school.


99% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...there is a happy atmosphere at school.


97% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...I feel welcome when I come into the school.


100% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...The classrooms are clean, tidy and attractive and provide an effective working environment for my child.


95% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...My child is making good progress.


96% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...The school's values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child.


98% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...I think members of staff at school are approachable.


97% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that... The school encourages parents and guardians to play an active part in school life.


95% of Parents agreed or strongly agreed that...The school is led and managed well.

What the Parents say about the school.


These comments were submitted by our parents as part of the Parents' Survey 2018.

I have only listed a few of the positive comments we received, however I hope this small sample gives you a flavour of what our parents think of the school. Huge thank you to all the parents that took the time to complete and comment on the survey, it is very much appreciated. Mr Le Fevre


The atmosphere, is brilliant. The children clearly love it there and there is respect, not just the children to the teachers but the teachers to the children also.


The atmosphere, is brilliant. The children clearly love it there and there is respect, not just the children to the teachers but the teachers to the children also.


The school genuinely cares about the pupils and tries to foster an environment which is comfortable for the pupils. It puts the Why at the heart of its policies and ensures learning is meaningful.


Once you enter the school, you realise quickly there is a calm and friendly atmosphere and it’s a place you want to be part of.


I feel that Pilgrims Cross is a very friendly school where children are actively encouraged to be good citizens and to take pride in their academic work. From what I can gather, all of the teaching staff there are very dedicated and work extremely hard. I feel privileged that my daughter goes to Pilgrims Cross. Thank you!


The head teacher deputy and Mr White (site manager) are fantastic They welcome and greet the children in the morning. Priceless!


Strong values, pro-activeness in recognising when a child needs extra support.


I like the family feel to the school and that parents are invited in for end of adventure celebrations to see for themselves how the school day works.


The learning adventures are a great way to engage children in learning topics/subjects in a way that interests them and in most cases something they are familiar with.


I love how learning is made fun and interesting for the children and believe this is why my daughter has thrived this current school year, making such good progress.


Although the school has a fantastic academic curriculum, I love that they live by their core values of love, courage and trust and promote respecting others and teach the children valuable life lessons.


I consider this school an inspiration to other school's. The attitude and positive state of mind this school encourages is phenomenal. I am so happy my child goes here. I really hope my second child does. It is such a privilege to be involved with this school on special occasions. The schools gives off a real family vibe. But at the same time. Teaching my child to an incredible standard. I am so proud of this school. I couldn't be more grateful for it.


There is a lovely atmosphere at Pilgrims Cross, the staff are all very much involved in events during and after school hours. Mr Le Fevre leads the school exceptionally well and really cares about the children and the school. The school has good Christian values and encourages the children to be kind, caring and understanding to others.


The School's Values: LOVE COURAGE and TRUST that is encouraged by the School/Staff and being lived out at school. It has a very positive effect on everyone and the relationships between the children and staff.


My child is supported 100% in his learning journey and has progressed very well due to the excellent teachers.


Generally I'm very happy my child has opportunity to go to this school.. I think this school is amazing and if I were child I would love to go to this school!!!!


How welcome your made to feel and how approachable all members of staff are. I feel we have great communication with our child's teacher and a real teamwork attitude towards our child's learning, goals and achievements.




What the Local Authority says about the school.


Every year we receive a developmental visit from the Local Authority, led by a Primary Phase Inspector and they share their view of the school. Here are some comments shared with us from that visit.


"Every classroom I visited today, I wanted to stay in!"


"Evidence of the school's wider leadership capacity and the school self evaluation and improvement systems can be seen in the clarity of the vision which has been effectively shared with all staff and governors."


"The quality of teaching and learning, linked to research, is continuing to ensure that pupil are engaged in learning."


"The school prides itself on an onnovative curriculum, and the principles behind this are secure."


"The key performance indicators and interim assessment statements are woven into the planning, giving the English and Mathematics curriculum increasing rigour."


"The visual learning journey in writing which maps out the skills that the children will need to covedr towards a written outcome is highly effective."








"Excellent insightful day. Loved the atmosphere and ethos of the school. The learning Adventures are incredible."


"Super training day in the best school we've been at. I love the outdoor learning and the creative side is really brilliant."


"Really inspiring day, what an amazing school! Christianity uses in such a practical and developmental way for children. I hope to use these ideas in my own practice. The atmosphere and values are really lovely, I was truly impressed!"


"Fantastic school. Well thought through learning. Why are we learning this? (this is a concept I will use in my own class.) Also, RE teaching has now been brought to life for me. I would love to work here!


" The school is wonderful and I found the adventurous learning really inspiring."


" A truly inspirational school!"


"Your school is amazing! I love the vision you have and that is clear throughout the school and in the books we saw."



VISITING TUTOR FROM LOCAL UNIVERSITY - working with some prospective teachers.


The children are clearly engaged and inspired by their learning adventures - I loved the fact that the school is very child-centric and they all appear very happy to be there. I was also impressed by the efforts of the teachers to ensure that the children are independent. We worked very closely with year 2 this morning and they were brilliant - their writing was fabulous and they were upset to stop working!
I also found it fascinating to observe qualified teachers (which I haven't had the opportunity to do for several years - I spend all my time in ITE) and just see the different approaches of different teachers to the same subject and the associated behaviours and outcomes of the children. 
I had a brilliant couple of days - thank you.