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We are proud to be a church aided primary school, affiliated to Andover St Mary's and a part of the Diocese of Winchester.

If you wish to contact the joint Portsmouth and Winchester Anglican Diocesean Education Team for further information, their details can be found here:




Further details about what it means to be a church school can be found attached below:

Collective Worship

It is a statutory requirement for all schools that an act of collective worship, broadly Christian in nature, is held each day.  Worship is integral to the life and ethos of our church aided school and is led by staff with contributions from pupils and visitors to the school from Andover St Mary’s.


Our Collective Worship is carefully planned and for each half term Collective Worship has a Theme based on one of the Christian values. On Monday, in Whole School Collective Worship the children will be introduced to the weekly Bible reading, a real life example and be posed a thinking question to consider as a class in Class Collective Worship on a Tuesday. On Wednesday the local priest will lead Collective Worship based on the half termly theme. Thursday, in Whole School Collective Worship the children will share their Class's ideas and thoughts concerning the thinking question posed on Monday. On Friday we have a "WOW Worship" some of these ideas and thoughts are shared with the parents, and  the teachers and Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher will present vision points for amazing acts of LOVE, COURAGE or TRUST.


Parents are welcome to attend ‘Wow Worship’ – Welcome to Worship on Fridays, at 8:40am each week, when children’s vision points are recognised, as described above  This includes achievements from outside of school, including swimming certificates etc, so please let us know what your child has been doing.


All parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship.  The Headteacher will wish to discuss with parents, implications of accommodating the parent’s views on withdrawal.  Our worship is inclusive, rooted in the Christian faith, but accessible to all members of the school community, whatever their religious background or stage of development.


We encourage prayer and reflection at the end
 of each day, before meals and on other important occasions. The children are often seen leading these prayers.


Reflection and areas for prayer are also available throughout the school building for children, visitors and staff. Some of our older children volunteer to support the younger children at these areas and have been observed reading prayers for the younger children.



SIAMS Pupil and Parent Questionnaires January 2015

Please find below questionnaires issued to parents and children regarding our status as a church school during January 2015. Also parental comments on areas they consider as school strengths and those for additional consideration.

Andover St Mary's

Please find below a web link to the Andover St Mary's Church website, as well as a welcome leaflet:


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“Church Schools are as concerned as any other school to equip pupils for lives marked by rapid change, global competition and insecurity. But Church Schools know in their viscera that this is not just about acquiring skills and good examination results. It is about forming people who have the moral strength and spiritual depth to hold to a course and weather ups and downs. It is about forming people who know that economic competition is not more important than family life and love of neighbour, and that technical innovation is not more important than reverence for the beauty of creation. It is about forming people who, however academically and technically skilful, are not reduced to inarticulate embarrassment by the great questions of life and death, meaning and truth. Church Schools themselves embody the truth that a context of firm principles suffused by faith and love is the best and right basis for learning and growing.” Robert Runcie