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YEAR R - Oak and Willow


Friday 17th July 2020

Hello Willow and Oak

Mrs Castle and I have been busy this week talking to your new teachers and telling them how amazing you are. Your new teachers are very excited to meet you in the class zoom meetings and though we are very sad to say goodbye we are very proud of you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Year 1 and hearing about what you will be doing from your new teachers.

We wish you an amazing Summer and we look forward to hearing everything you have done in the New Term.

Best wishes

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 10th July 2020

Hello Willow and Oak

Today was a very special day for Mrs Castle and I, we were so excited to have our class Zoom meetings. We haven’t stopped smiling since we saw you all it was so lovely to see you. We have missed you all.

Thank you for sharing all your news and all the great achievements you have made.

Both Mrs castle and I are looking forward to trying some of your baking recipes so please remember to send yours in to MrLefevre for the school’s recipe book.

Have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing you again next week.

Mrs Castle and Mrs Timbrell


Friday 3rd July 2020

Hello Willow and Oak

Mrs Castle and I are really excited this week as next week we are having our class Zoom sessions, we are so looking forward to seeing you all.

It has been very hard not having our classes and like you we have had to be Resilient Rhinos and show lots of courage.

Hearing about all the great things you have been doing like learning to ride bikes, growing plants and cooking has really been a privilege to share.

Thank you and please keep in touch.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 26th June 2020


 Hello Willow and Oak,

The sunshine  has returned this week and I wonder how many of you have been playing with water and staying cool in paddling pools.




I hope you are having fun in the sun but also staying safe by wearing a hat  and using sunscreen.




Mrs Castle and I have been enjoying the weather by working our dogs by the river where they can play. I am really lucky because I have a new dog who has joined our family, Quin and Lewis are becoming best friends.



Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 19th June 2020

Hello Willow and Oak,

First we would like to wish you a Happy Birthday if you are now 5, hope you had a super day.



Mrs Castle and I have enjoyed finding different mini-beasts on our walks and now the rain has come look out for some snails looking for food.



Snails are fun to watch as they like climbing to find food.

Take care and have fun this week.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 12th June 2020

Hello Willow and Oak,

The weather has definitely changed this week but even though it’s not as sunny this is perfect bug hunting weather.                                  


I found out some facts about the beetle I found  

and it is a Red Cardinal beetle, it likes to live in Woodlands and can be found sunbathing in good weather!

This week Lewis and I found a stag beetle and a blue beetle? I wonder which bugs you found and if you could be a Resilient Rhino and find some facts about them.



Friday 5th June 2020

Hello Willow and Oak class,

I hope you are enjoying the new project especially finding different mini-beasts. Lewis (the dog) and I looked very carefully on our walk and found this beetle.

I wonder if you know what it is?

Further along we had fun watching some ducks on parade and other ducks enjoying the sun.




Mrs Castle and I can’t wait to find out what mini-beasts you have found out about? Please remember to put any creatures back where you found them and take lots of care so they don’t get hurt.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 29th May 2020

Hello Willow and Oak,

Mrs Castle and I were lucky enough to meet this week at school and even at a distance it was lovely to catch up. Therefore, it has been so nice to hear of you meeting friends safely or making things to deliver to people. It makes us so proud that you are showing love and thinking of others.

It has also been great to see the many projects you have created having lots of fun while learning new skills.

This week I was thinking about the ‘Ten Seeds’ story as several of the small plants have been eaten by a cheeky snail, luckily it was only the stalks and they have started to grow again.

Hope your seeds and plants have more luck and have survived the snails.

Take care

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Willow and Oak

This week I thought I’d share some pictures of some amazing animals and insects that I have seen on my walks.



I wonder what animals you have spotted while cycling or walking. Mrs Castle and I also enjoy seeing your photos of your pets on our class emails so I have a photo of my pony enjoying the sun.        

Like you we also had a celebration of our growing topic by sharing how much our seeds had grown I hope you can see the difference from the first photo.

It would be lovely to see some pictures of your home learning celebration.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle

Friday 15th May 2020

Hello Willow and Oak

We have been enjoying looking at all your activities on the class emails and seeing how you have been working on the home learning. I think you have been very creative building some fantastic castles and I like watching how seeds you have planted has grown. My seeds are growing really well and even the lettuce seeds have decided to grow.

It has been great to hear how you are showing love and taking things around to your friends at a safe distance of course.

I hope you are enjoying the extra exercise and outside times and it would be lovely to know how you are having fun outside. I know several of you have been very courageous and learning to ride your bike – well done.

Take care and we hope to see you soon.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 8th May 2020

Hi Willow and Oak class,

This week Mrs Castle and myself were thinking about our friends and how we were staying in touch. It made us think about how important it was to share things we had been doing and how hearing about our friends made us smile. So it is really great to hear of the lovely things you have been doing and how you have sent pictures to your friends. It is a really great way to share love and to pass a smile. Well done for continuing to be Resilient Rhinos.

Also thinking of all our friends can we say Happy Birthday to all of you who have had a birthday since we saw you – congratulations on becoming 5.  We hope you had a lovely day.

The seeds are doing well and growing.


Friday 1st May 2020

Hello Willow and Oak,
It has been another week and although the weather has changed its still lovely  to see how many activities you have been doing outside and how you are keeping healthy. Mrs Castle and I are enjoying walking our dogs and puddle jumping to keep fit.  I especially like watching the ponies from the bottom of my garden who don’t seem bothered by the rain.
The seeds are growing and I will keep sending you a photo of how tall they are getting.
I was very impressed with Mrs Castle’s message for Oak - so I thought I would write one for Willow class.

Loving children
Learning everyday having fun in

It is great to see how you are getting on in your emails to us and we love seeing them - keep smiling and showing great courage.
Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 24th April 2020

Hello Oak and Willow class,

 We hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine this week. I know some of you have even had your paddling pools out in the garden. What fun! Thank you for the lovely photos you have been sending us of the wonderful learning you have been doing at home. It is good to see so many different sorts of learning, some of which is from our new learning adventure Ready, Steady, Grow and some learning which have been things that you have wanted to find. We have had some super photos of beanstalks and the characters in the story as well as photos of you enjoying being together as a family which is just as important. All of it has been lovely to look at and has really made us smile. Please keep sending them to us on the class email accounts.

We know this is a strange and difficult time for us all but well done for staying safe and being resilient like our rhino. We are so proud of you all. We do miss you all which is why it is nice to see what you have been up to. Mrs Timbrell has been riding her pony Sovereign and taking her dog Lewis for walks and Mrs Castle has enjoyed walking with her family and finally finishing a painting which she has been hoping to do for a long time!

Take care and keep safe,

From Mrs Castle and Mrs Timbrell


Friday 17th April 2020

Hello Willow and Oak,

I hope you had a lovely Easter and it’s been nice to see on the class emails how busy you have all been.

I am looking after the seeds I planted but so far there are no shoots so I am giving them lots of light and little drop of water and trusting that they will grow. I will let you know.

Thinking about the seeds made me think that maybe this week we needed to trust and know that we are helping by keeping ourselves and everyone safe and I definitely feel that when I join in the Thursday night clap for everyone.

On my morning exercise today Lewis and I were spotting the different colours we could see – here are some pictures of the colours we found. I wonder which colours we are missing if we wanted to make a rainbow.


Stay safe

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 10th April 2020


Hello Willow and Oak,

It is a long time since we have seen you all and we are missing all your lovely smiles and sharing all the things we had planned at school.

As I was taking my daily walk with my dog I was happy to see all the signs of Spring  - new buds and blossom.                      


I wonder if you are seeing the same things on your daily exercise. Our new learning adventure will be all about growing and we had lots of seeds for you to grow. So I have planted them this week with the hope that I can share them with you later. As the seeds are very small they are going to need lots of care, water and sun to grow, and maybe a little bit of love. Hopefully this Easter you can care for those around you and make this Easter extra special by sharing your love and a smile.

Happy Easter

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Friday 3rd March 2020


Hi Everyone,

It has been lovely to see so many rainbows appearing in windows and arriving in our class email box this week. I’m sure they make everyone smile so well done for making a difference. We have heard from some of you about all the wonderful learning you have been doing at home which has been amazing, well done!

Although it’s very tricky not to be out playing with friends, remember you are showing courage by making those green choices and love to your family by helping to keep them all safe. We know we can trust each and every one of you to make a positive difference to yourself and everyone around you. We are so proud of you all. There are some new Easter challenges for you to complete over the Easter holidays so we hope you have fun with these.

It has been wonderful to see so many of you have been reading online with Bug Club. Don’t forget to complete all the little bug quizzes in each book otherwise the computer doesn’t tell us that you’ve completed the book!

Take care and keep safe,

From Mrs Castle and Mrs Timbrell


Friday 27th March 2020


Hello Willow and Oak Class

First we miss you all very much and hope you are all safe. We have always shared how much we admired your resilience, you always tried your hardest in all things just like Resilient Rhino. While you’re at home we are sure you are being amazing role models and showing everyone how resilient you are. We would love to know how courageous you are being – could you draw and label some pictures of things you do or see, could you also show love to others and draw a rainbow to decorate your window and make everyone smile.

So until we see you again enjoy the sun, share a smile and practise some of the great things we did in school for when we get back together.

Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Castle


Spring 2 Newsletter (Whatever Next)

Spring 2 - Frozen Worlds


We have had an exciting term exploring our Learning Adventure on Frozen Worlds. We have been looking for the signs of winter and noticed the different colours that we’ve seen in our school environment. Some of us chose to create wonderful winter pictures using those cold colours we had seen. It was very exciting when we arrived at school to find that some sea creatures had been frozen in ice. We had to think of ways to free them which didn’t involve bashing or hitting the ice! This was followed by the children finding ice outside and noticing the wonderful patterns contained within it.  We listened to the story of Penguin Small and wrote postcards to him from the South Pole telling him what it was like. We celebrated Chinese New Year with many children creating dragons and taking part in a dragon themed dance. Finally we finished the learning adventure with a parent celebration event. Our lovely parents joined their children to share a range of activities which included making a marshmallow snowman biscuit together!


Spring 1 Newsletter (Frozen Worlds)

Autumn 2 Mother Goose Mix Up


Welcome back to school and a very Happy New Year to you all.

We are very happy that everyone has settled quickly back to school again and we have heard lovely stories about the Christmas break everyone has had.

Oak and Willow classes had a busy term solving different challenges which arrived through a letter from Mother Goose. The children were brilliant at coming up with their own ideas of how to help Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider and Jack and Jill solve their problems. We  continued to learn new sounds in phonics, whilst learning to blend these sounds to read words. Please keep practising those green and red words at home.

 All the children worked so hard practising their special part and joining in with all the lovely songs for our Christmas performance, Christmas Counts. Thank you for the amazing costumes, the show was a joy and we have received many positive comments! They were all little stars and we were so proud of them all.

In ICT we have enjoyed programming the mice to follow pathways to find the cheese.

The children enjoyed creating a variety of Christmas crafts and joining in activities such as decorating trees and writing a Christmas list to Santa. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Christmas story called ‘Father Christmas needs a Wee’ which we used as a maths focus to help Santa to order the doors on the houses he visited and have the correct number of presents.

Autumn 2 Newsletter ( Mother Goose Mix Up)

Autumn 1 - The Gruffalo


Year R


Oak and Willow classes have made a brilliant start to school life at Pilgrims’ Cross! We have seen lots of smiles coming through the door every morning and positive feedback on how the children are enjoying school! They have been busy learning the rules and routines of the classroom and we feel sure many parents have been an audience to ‘sparkly fingers!’ They have quickly become familiar with the other areas they use regularly in the school. This includes their own outdoor learning environment and playground, the hall and the library. Both classes have become more independent and are able to put their belongings away independently, self-register for dinners and settle to their morning activities. Well done everyone.


In those first few weeks we started our first Learning Adventure about Ourselves. We talked about our hobbies and interests, our favourite healthy fruit, our families, as well as looking at our reflections in the mirror to paint our self portraits. Following this we have been reading and completing activities based on one of our   favourite stories ‘The Gruffalo’. The children have loved this Learning Adventure and we have seen some wonderful examples of learning such as making and counting purple prickles, learning to retell part of the story with Maketon and making Gruffalo masks; we’ve even had some Gruffalos appearing in our role play area!  In PE we been exploring ways of how to move like the characters in the Gruffalo story, enjoying different parachute games as well as riding imaginary bikes!


Oak and Willow classes have learnt lots of new sounds in phonics and are really enjoying learning a rhyme to help them remember how to write it correctly. Our favourite is for d, ‘around the dinosaurs’ bottom up his tall neck and down to his feet!’ The children are learning to blend these new sounds together to make a word using ‘Fred Talk’ – Fred is our frog puppet who can only speak in sounds so needs the children’s help to blend words together. Another area of the children’s learning has been mental maths. These are fun short, practical sessions using lots of interactive games, rhymes and songs helping the children to become more confident in recognising, counting and matching objects to a number.



Autumn 1 Newsletter (The Gruffalo)