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YEAR 5 - Pine and Hawthorn


Friday 17th July 2020

Dear Year 5,


This will be a surprise to everybody as I can talk and do talk for England BUT for my final weekly message to you all I am going to keep it short and sweet!


  1. Thank you! Thank you to all of you that have engaged with Home Learning during lockdown. I have absolutely loved receiving your work through my e-mail and it has been great to see our home learning ideas come to life.
  2. Well done to all of you that took part in Virtual Sports Day yesterday - it was brilliant to see so many Year 5s popping up in the zoom meeting and in the score sheets!
  3. Please take the time to enjoy your summer holidays. I know it may feel like you have already had one but lockdown and summer holidays are 2 very different things. As more places begin to open, I am sure you will all be taking part in lots of fun activities whilst obviously following the government's safety guidelines.
  4. Do not panic! I know some of you may be feeling a bit wobbly about returning to school in September BUT my message to you all is 1. feeling wobbly is totally normal as you have been away for so long. 2. We will take it slow in the first week back. We will have time to catch up with each other and talk about our experiences. 3. We will make our learning adventure super exciting and one that you will jump straight in

    I have loved getting to know you all this year and I know Mrs Cocks and I cannot wait to get started with you all in Year 6! Enjoy your summers and stay safe!


Mr Dockree


Hello Year 5s! 


It's funny to think that this will probably be the last time I call you Year 5s and will be welcoming you back in September as Year 6s. Top of the school! I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome since I started back in December. Although I only got to work with you all for 4 months before lockdown, I have missed seeing your faces so much and I'm truly grateful to you all for making my job not feel at all like work. It's been brilliant to see so many of you taking part in Zoom meetings and sharing your experiences with each other, playing games and sharing jokes. I know that some of you may be feeling apprehensive about returning to school after such a long absence but, as a team, the year 6 staff will support you as much as we can. We are really looking forward to hearing all about your summer holiday adventures when we return in September. Safe safe over the summer and see you soon! 

Mrs Renouf


Friday 10th July 2020

Dear Year 5,


 I am just checking in with this week's message and hoping that you are all remaining safe and well. It is hard to believe that is have now been nearly 4 months since we were having a 'normal' day at school! 


The positive news this week is that 'the secret' is finally out! By now you should have all found out that I will be moving up into Year 6 with you to team up with the awesome Mrs Cocks to teach you all in your final year at school! I have to say I was gutted that our time together was cut so short so when Mr Le Fevre informed me I would be following you guys into Year 6 I was over the moon!


Whilst September is still a long way off, Mrs Cocks and I have already starting discussing your return to school and we will be busy over the summer trying to ensure you arrive back to school in the safest way possible and that our learning adventures will reignite your love for learning! It will be a very important year for us all but...Mrs Cocks and I will definitely be ready - I hope you guys will be too 🙂


In the short term...please, please, please do not forget that our Virtual Sports Day will be happening this Tuesday 14th July @ 10am. All the score sheets and videos you will need are on the website so make sure you are practising and getting ready to score big on Tuesday! I will be keeping an eye out for all the Year 5 score sheets coming in through the office or via e-mail and I will look forward to finding out how many points you all have scored!


Give it your best shot and good luck!


Mr Dockree


p.s. Do not forget that a selfie of you with your sports day poster or of you taking part on the day automatically earns you 50 bonus points! 🙂


Friday 3rd July 2020

Dear Year 5,


Just checking in with my weekly message and hoping that you are all remaining safe and well. 


Can I firstly say a huge thank you to those children who have completed our task that we discussed in our zoom meetings. Mr Osmond and I really appreciate your efforts!


I wanted to focus today’s message on Virtual Sports Day! By now you will have hopefully read my headteacher message takeover which explains how the day is going to work and where to find the scoring document that will give you all the information you need!


I have been busy creating some videos for the website which should be uploaded over the weekend! This will show you how each activity works so you can get practising! 


You will have seen that this year’s event will take place on Tuesday 14th July @ 10am and I am calling on all of Year 5 to make sure you do all you can to get involved! There is a bonus point challenge to send in a photo of you and a home made poster so I’d like to see as many Year 5 examples as possible! I know we’re a year group that LOVES our sport and I honestly believe that we can make sure 100% of us commit to the activities! When collecting in the scores I will keep an eye out for our awesome year 5s and update you how many of us took part!


Good luck and get practising ready for the big day!!!


Mr Dockree


Friday 26th June 2020

Dear Year 5,


This week marks 3 months since our school closed and we began lockdown. It has been such a long time since we have been able to spend time together and I have to say I am missing you all so much. I really hope that you and your families are remaining safe and well and enjoying the sunny weather.


It has been an absolute scorcher the last couple of days hasn't it! I do love the sunny weather but in typical British fashion, at times it is almost 'too hot'. But I am definitely not complaining and I hope the good weather continues.


A prestigious event would have happened this week. Last Saturday the 20th June was 'Summer Solstice' day, which if you think back to our Secrets of Stonehenge adventure means it is the day with the most amount of sunlight in the year. It means that the sunrise of the summer solstice day shines directly through a channel between the stones. A bit of a difference in the sunny weather of last Saturday compared to our windy, freezing trip in November!


You will be hearing some news about this year's virtual sports day coming out next week so make sure you check the website and get your practise in. As the subject leader for PE at the school, you will know that it is without doubt my favourite subject and as I know you guys pretty well by now I know it is a favourite for you guys too! I would urge you to get stuck in and get involved. Whilst it may not be as exciting and as good as an atmosphere as a normal sports day, this year will be all about you challenging yourself and still having the opportunity to score points for your house teams!


On the sporting note, we received a recognition award from Test Valley Area Sport earlier this week to recognise our increased participation and performance in local sport. A great achievement for the school and something that so many of you awesome Year 5s have contributed to - well done you guys and lets hope for more success when you become the top of our school in September! 🙂

Stay safe and take care,

Mr Dockree




Friday 19th June 2020

Dear Year 5,

Firstly, I hope you and your families are staying safe and well!

If you were able to make it, I hope you all enjoyed this week's zoom meeting with your teachers!

I wanted to remind you about the challenge that was set at the end...

I would really like you to create a piece of work that demonstrates your memories of Year 5 (including your time in lockdown). This can be made into any form you like. I have attached my version which I created into a rhyming couplet poem based on my year with Hawthorn.

Some types of work you may want to go with if your struggling for ideas:

A poem that includes your memories of year 5

A 'PINE' or 'HAWTHORN' acrostic poem

A piece of art that shows your favourite memory of year 5

A song about our journey through Year 5

A video report that contains stories of Year 5

Please can these be created and sent to the Hawthorn and Pine Accounts by Friday 26th June 2020


Mr Dockree's Poem:


Hawthorn’s Covid Adventure

Hawthorn class are famous, I bet you want to know why?
In September last year they started and since then continue to fly.

Is it about the teachers? Or the adventures that went by?
More like the amazing children, who welcomed in the new guy.

Starting at a new school, is as scary as can be,
Let alone if you have a beard and you stand at six foot three!

But the nerves soon disappeared, as I came into my room,
Twenty seven smiling faces, immediately lifted the gloom.

We began our voyage to space and questions filled our mind,
Walking into blow up planets, answers so desperate to find.

Discovering brand new planets and tours of the ISS,
Famous female astronauts, stopping space become a mess.

The natural wonders of Stonehenge, What secrets did it hold?
A blustery trip to Salisbury brought Mrs Renouf into the fold.

Putting hours into research, what answers would it bring?
With Alice the Musical looming, we had to find time to sing.

Christmas brought an end, to two thousand and nineteen,
A few weeks rest was needed, for the best class you’ve ever seen.

Volcanoes and tall Mountains, were waiting in the wings,
A certain OFSTED inspection and all the stress that brings.

The Mystery of the Mayans, hidden deep within the trees,
How exciting to discover, the ancient tribes across the seas.

Along came Covid-19 and the hand gel at the door,
The Keeping 2 metre distance signs, marked carefully along the floor.

The Lockdown forced us away, from the class we loved so much,
The Prime Minister on the tele, Stay Home! Stay Safe! Don’t touch!

Parents became our teachers and home learning packs were sent,
Although we missed our school friends, priceless family time was spent.

My first year at our wonderful school, so sadly came to an end,
A memorable group of children, the biggest thanks I want to send.

Although it’s still uncertain, when we can welcome you through the door,
My memories of being your teacher, will remain forever more!

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

Take Care and stay safe 🙂🙂

Mr Dockree


Friday12th June 2020

Hi Year 5,


I just want to see I am REALLY, REALLY missing all of you now and I hope you and all your families are continuing to stay safe during lockdown. I hope that now Boris Johnson has allowed small meetings of up to 6 people, you have enjoyed some time seeing family and friends that you may not have seen for some time (maintaining 2m social distance of course).


It has been strange adjusting to the typical English rain again after we had such a long stretch of beautiful sunshine. Although, I am continuing to prove that I am most definitely now an old man as in a conversation with Mr Le Fevre I said, "The rain is annoying, but I do feel like my grass and plants need it..." Disappointing I know but I am having to embrace my old man title!


I wanted to talk to you today about reading. I am not ashamed to say that as a child I was what a teacher would call a 'reluctant reader'. I didn't particularly enjoy it and it was something I would associate with being 'made' to do at school. As I began my career as a teacher, I started to see the importance and value of reading first hand and my mindset about the whole concept completely changed. Since being a father to Mason, my love for reading has continued to grow. My wife and I read to Mason every night before he goes to bed and it is the most precious time that I know he probably won't remember but I definitely will! 


I love reading stories. I love reading to Mason and I absolutely loved reading to my class at the end of the day. I always try not to find out too much about the class books that we read so I get to share the excitement and ups and downs of a book with my pupils. 


It got me thinking why I did not love it as a child? What was it that I didn't like about it? I am convinced that it was I never quite found the genre of topic of books that I was excited by. My message to you is to try and really find that style that you actually enjoy. It can be anything - Non-fiction books about animals / Autobiographies about your favourite football player / Suspense stories / Adventure stories / David Walliams / Harry Potter / The First News (child friendly) newspapers


The skills you practise when reading, whatever it is that you are reading, are absolutely fundamental in life and even more so as you grow up!


I would love to know what you are reading at the moment and if you can spare some time please send me an e-mail to the class Hawthorn account and let me know 🙂


Please take care and stay safe


Mr Dockree 🙂


Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Year 5,


Just checking in with my weekly message and wishing that you all have managed to stay safe, well and positive throughout the past week.


I wanted to start today by talking about some photos that I have been gathering this past week ready to begin your reports of your achievements of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through many photos of the year's trips, classroom work and performances. It was a lovely time to sit and reflect on all the awesome stuff that we managed to cram into the year despite it being put on pause at the end of March. It got me thinking how I will always remember this year and you guys in particular as the first year group I had the pleasure of working with at Pilgrims Cross. 


I managed to find some photographs of various sports events that some of you have been involved in this year and it got me thinking what a superb year the school has had in the many sporting events we have competed in and how many Year 5 students have contributed to this success. It got me even more excited for the year in which you guys will be our Year 6 students and thinking, what else is possible? How can we continue our success? How can we strive to be more successful? How many of you could we get representing our incredible school at some sort of sporting event? 


As you all know, I am a huge lover of all things sport and always have been. I tried to work out the other day why it is I love sport so much? There are so many things I love about sport. The relationships you build with your team mates. Trying to emulate your favourite sports person that you always watch on TV (not always being able to but enjoying trying). That feeling of pride when you pull off something you have been practising so hard on. That feeling where even though you are tired and exhausted your head feels totally clear and you feel great thanks to taking part in some exercise. The fact that you are creating memories that you will NEVER forget! Me and my friends still talk about the matches we played for our primary school. We can tell you who we played, who scored and...who missed THE penalty (thankfully it wasn't me!). 


Whether it is linked to sport or not, I feel like having something, no matter how big or small it is, that you want to work towards is really healthy for your brain. It keeps you motivated. And that feeling when you complete something that at first you found really tricky is like no other! Me and a group of friends have recently created our own tennis tournament where we have a scheduled game against 1 other player each week. I haven't played tennis properly since I was about 14 but after my 3rd game I am really starting to get back into it. At first, I was annoyed, angry and frustrated. Why can't I hit that shot I could when I was 14!? But after sticking at it, I am improving match after match and I am experiencing that brilliant feeling of satisfaction when I know I am getting better at something that I have found really difficult.


So my challenge to you this week is this...


You have been in lockdown for a long time now. You are bound to, at times, be feeling frustrated or down. Find something. Anything. Find something that you want to get better at. Work hard at it. Practise every day if that is possible. Stay resilient when it is getting tough. Because how amazing will it be in many years to come when somebody asks you what you did during the 'Covid-19 lockdown' and you can tell them what you achieved! If you're feeling brave e-mail the Hawthorn account and tell me what it is you're going to work on. Or film yourself completing it and send it to me! I would love to hear all about them.


Stay safe this week and stay positive,


Mr Dockree


Friday 29th May 2020

Hi Year 5,

 Is anybody else finding that these weeks are all of a sudden shooting by really fast? It only seems like yesterday I was writing last weeks message to you!

 Firstly, I hope you are all keeping safe and well and finding a way to maintain a positive outlook 🙂

I wanted to give a shout out to all those children who sent me a message or a video on National Teacher Day last week. I can honestly say I could not stop smiling after reading/watching them and whilst this is my job and a job that I love, hearing your such lovely, kind words really means the world.

I thought I would start by apologising for my message last week. I read it back over the weekend and realised that I had written 3 paragraphs about...grass! And as Mrs Renouf kindly pointed out to me "In answer to your post Mr Dockree, your wife is correct, you do sound really OLD! So I promise no grass this week (although for those wondering there has been some good growth on my lawn some shoots reaching 5 cm - in my wife's words..."Looks great in some areas, but very patchy still in others. All in all a 7/10 but could do better" that sounds like a school report!)

I have to say I have been absolutely loving the weather recently. There is something about the sunshine and bright mornings and evenings that just makes me feel happy. The Dockree family have been very busy in the garden, the paddling pool up every day and yesterday we were lucky enough to travel to a quiet part of a beach in Mudeford. We had such a lovely day taking Mason to the beach for the first time. Seeing his face as he ran towards the sea is something I will never forget. He had such a great time playing in the water, building sandcastles and pretty much trying to use everybody's beach toys apart from his own! It made me realise that I am definitely a full grown adult now. I will no longer associate the beach as a relaxing trip but one that involves saying "That's not yours" 1,000,000 times and trying to put sun cream on a child covered in sand. I wouldn't change that for the world though and all in all it was a very successful, happy day!

I really hope you are all managing to get out and enjoy the weather in some way, shape or form. It has got me imagining teaching in year 5 with the bi-fold doors open with a nice summery breeze entering the classroom. I am really hoping that my imagination will become a reality in the not too distant future!

I have just finished creating your new home learning packs full of lots of activities. You will notice that we have moved onto a new adventure looking at Crime and Punishment in British History - A topic I know you will enjoy finding out lots about. Please get stuck into the tasks and do not forget to send me your work! I love seeing it all

Have a great week,


Mr Dockree

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hi Year 5 :-)


I am writing this message from my sunny garden today! During the lockdown, I have turned into a ‘wannabee’ gardener! I say wannabee as I am personifying the term “all the gear but no idea” at the moment. I’ve got all the tools and gadgets but if I’m being honest I don’t have a clue about gardening but it is exciting waiting to see if anyone of my work is actually going to work! My most recent job has been to reseed my lawn as my dog, Elmer, has spent the last 2 years digging it up! I planted the seeds a a week ago and I am ashamed to say that I have spent at least half an hour everyday staring at soil waiting to see if grass will appear (my wife has repeatedly stated that I am turning into an old man - I think she is right!). The breaking news today is that this morning the first shoots of grass appeared and it felt like gardening Christmas morning. I am sure some of you are reading this thinking why is Mr Dockree telling us a story about grass? But if you are a member of Hawthorn, or your Mrs Renouf, you will know that having to listen to random, sometimes pointless stories, is customary to being in my class :-)


In all seriousness, one thing I did want to talk to you about today is to remind you that you are most definitely not forgotten about. I know that if any of you or your parents have been listening to the news you will have been hearing lots of mentions of Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 but not a lot mentioned of Year 5. I can imagine some of you may be feeling like you are being a little bit left out and I want to just remind you that it is not the case at all! You are always in our thoughts and we all can not wait to welcome you back to the school. Even though some children may be returning to school, you guys will still be able to access the home learning packs as you have done in the previous weeks and the class e-mails will be open as normal! Please keep positive and keep in touch. I honestly love receiving your work - it really puts a smile on my face!


Please take care


Mr Dockree


Friday 15th May 2020

Dear Year 5,


I am writing this message today from the Pilgrims Cross makeshift classroom in Miss Longley's Lime classroom. Mrs Stock, Miss Clarke and I are working with the children of some of our key workers. We have already completed today's Joe Wicks workout (today was a tough one and we all needed a lie down after!)


I wanted to talk to you today about school. And to be more specific about how special 'school' is.


Every time I drive in to come and work with the key worker's children, like I have done for the past 7 weeks, I always think and wish that I would be driving in to having the Year 5 classrooms full of all your lovely faces. I'll be honest it always makes me a little sad knowing that many of you won't be here and how much I wish for our school life to go back to normal.


However, there is no doubt that the one thing that this extended lockdown away from school has done, is it has made us all appreciate how truly special school is. Whether that is being a member of staff, who works in one, or a child who is a pupil in one. I'll be honest, I have always loved school and it is the main reason I decided to become a teacher. I love how different every single day is. I love that you get to learn and try out so many different things. I love that you get to spend time with your friends and colleagues, working together as a team on something. When I was your age I went to a school called Anton, which is the other side of Andover. 


I made my best friends during my time in Primary School and they are still my best friends now. I got married last year and I was lucky enough to choose 6 people to be my groomsmen. 4 of them I met on the first day of Year R at Anton - that's pretty cool right? I guess my message today is that now we have experienced what life is like without school, we should never take it for granted again. We should give everything our best effort. We should look after each other. We should look forward to learning new things. We should enjoy our break times. We should have a laugh. We should enjoy being part of such a brilliant school...because I am absolutely certain that in 20 years time, some of the friends you have now, will still be your best friends. You'll be able to say do you remember that time when we were at Pilgrims cross and...that's pretty cool right?


PLEASE continue working hard, us teachers honestly absolutely love receiving your work through the class e-mail and it always puts a smile on our faces.


Please take care and please continue staying safe,


Mr Dockree


Friday 8th May 2020

Dear Year 5,


I cannot believe it has taken me this long to realise that these messages get posted on a Friday so...HAPPY FRIDAY Year 5! I love Fridays. Easily my favourite day of the week. Whilst our Fridays at the moment probably don't give us that same 'Friday Feeling', they are still my favourite day of the week.


This week, rather than talk about our school values, I thought I would speak to you about my memories of Year 5 so far. As I am sure most of you know, I only joined Pilgrims Cross this September and I had a reminder pop up on my phone the other day saying that my interview with Mr Le Fevre was a year ago! That time has really flown by but it got me reminiscing about the first time I visited the school. 


I remember walking down the corridors on my interview day. I was very nervous but my nerves were instantly calmed when within about 5 minutes, about 20 children had already said hello and good morning to me. Even though I was just a visitor, they had no idea who this giant, bearded man was, they still had the respect and the confidence to wish me a good morning and welcome me to the school. At that point, I knew I wanted to work here. I remember my interview lesson really well. I was lucky enough to teach a Year 4 class at the time, I believe it was Mrs Burrows' class, which I am sure will include lots of you reading this message. You were awesome! You took part in a Maths Challenge I had created where you had to try and guess the name of my little boy, Mason and of my friendly giant dog, Elmer. 


Starting in September, I was really, really nervous driving into work on my first day. Would the children like me? Would my class remember who I am? How will I remember all of my classes names? Again, my anxiety was instantly squashed with the incredibly happy and smiley welcome that all of year 5 gave me. You really are a great bunch of children! 


Although at the moment, our time together has been cut short, I look back on the year so far with so many fond memories! Making a giant solar system out of fruit was one of my favourites, I do remember a watermelon being dropped at one point and there being fruit everywhere! Performing the Space Dance to the parents for our celebration. Our trip to Stonehenge, where despite nearly being blown away by the Salisbury wind, we all learned so much about the strange monument! Baking our own cereal bars and building our own packaging for it. Going swimming at the leisure centre and the whole year group representing our school perfectly! The list could go on!


I wanted to finish by saying thank you! Thank you for all welcoming me to your amazing school. Thank you for always giving activities your best efforts. Thank you for helping create some awesome memories. Let's hope we will still get some time to make some more Year 5 memories in the not too distant future!


Take Care and please, Stay Safe!


Mr Dockree


Friday 1st May 2020

Dear Year 5,


Firstly, I just want to say as always you have all been in our thoughts and I am hoping you and your families are keeping safe and well. 


Well, week 6 away from school and it feels like such a long time since we have all spent time together. I am missing seeing you all every morning incredibly and I am still really hopeful that we will return to Year 5 in the not too distant future. I had a catch up message with Mrs Renouf and we both agreed that this lockdown stuff is strangely becoming 'normal'. It doesn't make it any easier but it just becomes a little easier to deal with. 


I wanted to talk to you this week about our value 'courage'. During this time, I believe that we can be courageous by showing resilience and remaining positive throughout this strange time. Like i'm sure you all are, I am really starting to miss members of my family and some of my close friends. On the odd occasion I can get a little sad or frustrated but I am really trying to remain resilient by not thinking about it too much. Not constantly trying to be guessing when I will get to see them again, or when I will get to teach you again. I really don't think that helps because unfortunately at the moment, nobody has the answers to those questions. Instead, I have found focusing on the positives of this strange time of isolation is really, really helping. Giving myself jobs to do around the house; enjoying spending quality time with my lovely family; doing some form of exercise everyday and recently, Mr Le Fevre has set the teachers some tasks relating to CPD (basically the teachers doing some learning for themselves). I have really enjoyed doing some interactive research and I am so excited to put it into action when we return to school!


I really hope your parents are letting you stay up on Thursdays to clap for the NHS staff @ 8pm! I have really enjoyed doing it to show our appreciation and I feel like I have got to know many more of my neighbours in the process! 🙂 


Our new 2 weekly packs are coming out next week so make sure you have a look through them and get stuck in! Don't forget to send me some photos of your work too - I really love hearing from you all!


Take Care,


Mr Dockree


Friday 24th April 2020

Dear Year 5,

Hoping you are all having an enjoyable week - I am so pleased that the sunny weather has returned 😎 as Mrs Hutchinson said in school day 'The sun just makes everything better!' and I thing she is absolutely right. My long hair was getting too much so I braved the shave last Friday and now I look very different! I have learnt that having a shaven head means your head and ears get much colder!

I wanted to talk to you today about our new learning adventure 'Andover & its Twin Towns'. As most of you know, I am Andover born and bred. Apart from my 3 years in Cardiff for university I have spent my whole life in this town and I absolutely love it. I can remember always arriving back into Andover after visiting my Grandma's in Luton and always seeing the sign "Welcome to Andover - twinned with Redon & Goch" and always wondering what and where these places were. After doing some research to set up your packs I found it fascinating locating where these twinned towns were on the maps and making a direct comparison with our lovely town. How many people live there? What is the weather like? Do they have a football team? What are their schools like? So many questions and I hope that when you guys do your research you have lots of questions of your own 🙂

Look out for the scavenger challenge where you have to find one of the signs in Andover that has the twinned towns on them (don't forget to send me photographic evidence to your class e-mails). Please remember to send me any of your completed home learning to our class e-mail and ask any questions you might have - I am always happy to help in any way I can 🙂

I am really missing you guys - it feels like a very long time since I have seen you all BUT I hope you are keeping safe and looking out for your loved ones around you.

Take Care,

Mr Dockree


Friday 17th April 2020

Dear Year 5,


Firstly, although I am sure it was very different to normal, I hope you were able to have an enjoyable Easter Weekend. The weather was amazing and even in lockdown an Easter egg tastes amazing! We had lots of fun in the Dockree household where we set up a mini Easter egg hunt for Mason. He was surprisingly very quick at finding them all however he was helped by our dog Elmer who we had to prevent from eating any as we all know chocolate and dogs do not mix! Mason absolutely loved it although didn't quite seem to understand why he wasn't allowed to eat them all at once. 


This week, I wanted to talk about our wonderful NHS staff who are putting themselves at risk by going to work every single day. It is truly inspiring to see how dedicated and caring these people despite these difficult circumstances. My wife and I are outside our front door every Thursday at 8pm to clap along and show our appreciation. I was told my clapping was too enthusiastic last week as it almost woke Mason up so this Thursday will be a calmer more measured approach but still just as much enthusiasm and pride inside. I play football for Andover New Street FC and alongside my team mates we have set ourselves a challenge to raise money for our incredible NHS. We all have to run 50 miles in 10 days, which the mathematicians amongst you will know is 5 miles each day. One night one I thought I was in for a comfortable ride however I am now on day 6 (30 miles completed) and my body is really starting to struggle. I am having to be a resilient rhino like I always tell you guys to be and fight through a bit of pain as we are desperate to raise as much money as possible. Thinking of everything NHS staff are doing for all of us right now is really helping me push through the difficult miles. 


If you have anyone in your family who works as a carer of for the NHS, make sure you let them know how proud of them you are. The next time your at the doctors or in a hospital for whatever reason, make sure you show your appreciation. Saying thank you always goes such a long way and might really make someone's day.


We will be sending your new learning packs out to you next week and you will see that we are now focusing on a Geography adventure: Andover and its Twin Towns. I hope you enjoy doing all of your research and finding out lots of information about these unknown towns and  I can't wait to see what you all produce. 


Take Care and I look forward to seeing you all soon,


Mr Dockree

Friday 10th April 2020

Year 5,


I wanted to check in with you all as we approach the end of week 3 of isolation.


Firstly, I hope you are all keeping well and are getting to a point no where you are starting to get used to a different way of life. Although it has been 3 weeks since the school closed, it certainly feels like much longer than that and I am really missing seeing your happy, smiley faces everyday. 


In the Dockree household, my little Mason as getting slightly bored of being stuck indoors and me and my wife definitely welcomed the lovely sunny weather so we could escape to the garden. A sandpit has kept Mason occupied and having to remind him that 'sand is not for eating' has kept us busy too! I hope all of you have found someway of enjoying the nice weather too. Whether that be your own escape to the garden or during your daily exercise 🙂


As we approach Easter Weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about 'Family'. Whilst family can mean those people who are in someway related to us, for some people 'family' might mean something totally different to you. Whoever you are spending your isolation time with, I think it is so important that we remember to show them love. I think if we all challenge ourselves to be a nice person to share isolation with then it will make the whole experience more enjoyable for everybody involved. We can do this by being thankful, showing appreciation, communicating, working hard when we need to (whether that be in Home Learning or little house jobs) and most of all having a positive outlook, whatever is thrown your way. 


Although it will be different to what we're used to, I hope you all find a way to have an enjoyable Easter Weekend. Easter can symbolise a 'fresh start' and I think that is exactly what our current experience of isolation can be for all of us. A fresh start. With a clear mind. New skills. Knowing more about our own strengths and qualities with a desire to learn more.


Take care and I look forward to catching up with you all soon,


Mr Dockree


Friday 3rd April 2020


To the awesome Year 5,


Well it is nearing the end of Week 2 of isolation away from school life and I really hope you are all managing to find some kind of routine/normality in a strange situation. I wanted to talk to you this week about our school values and how despite being at home, we can still continue to hold these qualities in high regard and show them on a daily basis.


But I wanted to start by talking about your health and well-being (something that we talk about lots during our StormBreak activities in school). There is no question that the situation we all currently find ourselves in is one that is putting our health and well-being to the test but I wanted to share some things that have helped me stay positive and upbeat in the last couple of weeks. 


Yesterday, (shockingly I know) I forgot to take part in the Joe Wickes PE workout. I really, really noticed the difference. Later in the day, I found myself feeling tired, agitated and all in all a bit miserable. So with my lovely little Mason for a workout partner (see photo below 🙂) I made sure I completed it this morning and instantly felt energised and ready for the day ahead. It just reminded me how absolutely VITAL it is for us ALL to do some form of exercise everyday to keep us feeling happy.


LOVE: Now more than ever it is so important that we show love to our family members who we share our homes with. Say thank you if they do something for you. Tell them that you love them and really appreciate all that they do for you (this really means the world to your adults). Secondly, to those family members who you cannot see at the moment, find a way to stay in contact. This could be a text message, a phone call, a video call, a postcard, a letter WHATEVER! It is so important that even when we can't see our family members that we just let them know that they are in our thoughts. This will make them feel great and will make you feel good at the same time. Win Win! 


COURAGE: I want you to show the courage to learn a brand new practical skill! This could be absolutely anything from making something in the house, doing some form of gardening, a sports skill (or even how to load and unload the dishwasher! Please ask your parents permission before doing this! I do not want a bill for broken plates when we come back to school! 🙂) My dad recently taught me how to tile my kitchen and whilst at first I found it SO difficult, frustrating, annoying and there were many times I felt like giving up, I remained resilient and now I am genuinely enjoying practising a new skill I had no idea I would be able to do and do you know what? It feels really good! I can't wait to hear what skills you have all been learning (and maybe some photos/videos sent to the class e-mail)


TRUST: I want you to show trust by giving your all when it comes to whatever home learning you are taking part in. Whatever the task is, whether it is one you really love or one that is not your favourite, I have trust in you that you will give it your best shot, just like I would ask you to in class. Whilst I know it must be strange doing all of your learning at home, it is really important that you are practising skills that you have already learnt and hopefully learning some new things that will enable it to be a smooth transition into the return to school, which we all hope is now not too far away.


I am missing you all lots and think about you all every day. Please remember to stay positive and to share your great work in the class e-mails that you have recently been sent 🙂


Take care,


Mr Dockree


Friday 27th March 2020


To the awesome Year 5s,


Mrs Burrows and I wanted to send a message to check in with you all and to let you know that you are ALL in our thoughts. Whilst it seems very strange not seeing you all every day and we miss you all lots, at this present time staying at home and staying safe is the most important thing and we are hopeful that it still won't be too long until we are reunited.


Whilst it is a new experience having to stay at home for long periods of time, we hope you are thinking outside the box in ways you can be creative to make the most out of your time at home. Getting stuck into your home learning packs, helping out with household chores, playing board games with other family members and (with my PE head on the most important of all) finding some time in the day to take part in some exercise. Walking the dog once a day, exercising in the garden, or like the Dockree family (including baby Mason) tune into YouTube @ 9:00am every morning to take part in PE with Joe Wickes - 30 minutes of home exercise lead by The Body Coach himself! We are 4 days in and I am aching already! It is hard work but it is so lovely that we're all doing it as a family and as exercise always does, it makes us all feel fresh and energised after! 


Just to repeat what we have said before, you are ALL in our thoughts and we want you all to remain positive. Enjoy this precious time with your loved ones and look out for each other. We can't wait to catch up soon,


Mr Dockree and Mrs Burrows

Spring 2 Newsletter (Mythical Mayans)

Spring 1 - Volcanoes and mountains


In Year 5, we have spent the half term engrossed in our Geography learning adventure based on Mountains and Volcanoes! A jam packed half term began with a hard hitting message in a letter from the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, asking us to educate the children of New Zealand on the warning signs of an eruption. Our Hook Day involved a volcano fact file hunt around the school, where the children gathered key facts from 3 fact stations shown as volcanoes on a school map. The children then created a ‘Volcano Eruption’ scene using oil pastels to round of a busy but exciting day. We spent the rest of the half term working hard to answer the following questions: Where are the notable Mountain Peaks and Volcanoes located on a map? What are the geographical features of a volcano? Why do people live near active volcanoes? What are the similarities and differences between Picket Twenty and a volcanic settlement? A brilliant Learning Adventure that the children were enthralled by throughout.

Our English Mini Adventures began with an exploration of formal language and eyewitness accounts to produce a professional breaking news article on The White Island Volcano Eruption. The children then finished the half term by creating a narrative based on illustrations from a stunning poem called ‘The Snow Leopard, where the focus was on the inclusion of figurative language.

A definite highlight for the children was their DT Mini Adventure where the children were tasked with the idea of designing and producing an energy bar for Tomas Rust – the main character from our guided reading book ‘The Brockenspectre – who needed all the energy he could get as he was about to embark on an ascent of the toughest mountain ‘The Scritterhorn’. The children had to research the main food groups and then research similar products to give them an understanding of ingredients and branding. They had to decide on final ingredients and then design their own packaging, which had to include their brand name. Once the children had made their energy bars in our kitchens they had to use their knowledge of nets for 3D shapes from our Maths Adventure to create their final packaging, which would hold the bars until the big taste test from the parents at the end of term celebration.

We loved our geographical adventure but we are now very excited to begin our next adventure where we will try and piece together the mysteries of the ‘Mythical Mayans’

Spring 1 Newsletter (Volcanoes and Mountains)

Autumn 2 Stonehenge


Year 5 Autumn 2 Blog

What another jam packed half term for our awesome Year 5 children. There is only one place to start and that is with our knockout performance of ‘Alice the Musical’ for this year’s Christmas Play. The Year 5’s displayed a superb attitude and commitment to learning lines, songs, dances and making props, which all helped compliment the work from the Year 6 team.

Our Adventure focus was the ‘Secrets of Stonehenge’ where we looked at the development of the World Heritage Site over thousands of years and even get to see the stones up close and personal (luckily the weather was kind to us),

Our English Mini Adventures culminated in some incredibly independent writing. Linking to our ‘Secrets of Stonehenge’ adventure, the children stepped into the shoes of Kali – a 10 year old girl from the Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae – to write a first person diary entry about the day her and her little brother Brockan nearly lost their lives at sea. We also focused on suspense writing, using the book ‘Wolf Brother’ as a stimulus, to create a short piece of writing that kept the readers on the edge of their seat! We even practised using pitch and intonation to when creating a voice recording of our own writing, which we played to our parents at the end of term celebration.

We worked extremely hard on our Maths mini adventures throughout the half term, the highlight of which being our Fraction Frenzy, where we had to demonstrate our knowledge of equivalent fractions when creating our own Stone Age Fruit Stew! We even got to taste our homemade recipes (it was definitely a case of ‘Marmite’ as some children loved it and some children hated it)!

We took part in a Science Day where we posed the question ‘Does the mass of an object affect how quickly it falls?’ We worked in groups of 4 to plan and deliver our own experiments from start to finish, taking into account the resources we wanted to use, the method in which we carried out the fair tests and how we collected our results.

Other notable achievements:

Art – Stonehenge Silhouettes – beautiful water colour backgrounds with bold prints of Stonehenge

Music – Completing our Autumn Term ‘brass’ lessons with Hampshire Music making phenomenal progress from September to December

PE – Real PE – Creative Cog – we continued to develop our PE skills and built up towards creating our own sporting challenges using a variety of equipment, where the aim was to be unique and different to others.

Autumn 2 Newsletter (Stonehenge)

To Infinity and Beyond

Earth, space and the universe beyond

This half term has been out of this world in year 5!

We launched into our adventure with a message from NASA who set us on our challenge to recover stolen information that they believed aliens had taken. The children set of on their mission by investigating relative planet size using different fruit that had been left in the playground by extra-terrestrial life, although very slimy, the children had a lot of fun.

The children have really worked hard in ART this half term and created beautiful pastel solar system scenes, their very own rockets and incredible astronaut portraits which were all amazing.

We delved into Year 5 English with some engaging and descriptive Moon Man style narratives and succeeded in completing Isabelle Jacksons challenge to spread knowledge about women in space by writing factual non-chronological reports about four inspiring female astronauts.


Year 5s have equally shown so much enthusiasm and determination in their Maths adventures. Maths this year started with a race to fill up Moon Mans fuel tank before his journey to Earth using place value knowledge, followed by battling Andromeda aliens in an addition and subtraction war, which the concluded with the children defeating the aliens with water filled missiles. 


One of the best parts of adventure for most was our incredible trip to the Winchester planetarium where we blasted through space, in the explorer dome, to investigate our solar system and the galaxies beyond. The children were also eager participants in their workshop were they examined light and the how it is made before having a go at the many reverting activities the space exhibit had. 

We are so impressed with the hard work that year 5s have shown this half term and we can’t wait to explore the stone age to bronze age next half term.


Year 5 Newsletter ( To infinity and beyond)