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YEAR 5 - Pine and Hawthorn

Spring 1 Newsletter (Volcanoes and Mountains)

Autumn 2 Stonehenge


Year 5 Autumn 2 Blog

What another jam packed half term for our awesome Year 5 children. There is only one place to start and that is with our knockout performance of ‘Alice the Musical’ for this year’s Christmas Play. The Year 5’s displayed a superb attitude and commitment to learning lines, songs, dances and making props, which all helped compliment the work from the Year 6 team.

Our Adventure focus was the ‘Secrets of Stonehenge’ where we looked at the development of the World Heritage Site over thousands of years and even get to see the stones up close and personal (luckily the weather was kind to us),

Our English Mini Adventures culminated in some incredibly independent writing. Linking to our ‘Secrets of Stonehenge’ adventure, the children stepped into the shoes of Kali – a 10 year old girl from the Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae – to write a first person diary entry about the day her and her little brother Brockan nearly lost their lives at sea. We also focused on suspense writing, using the book ‘Wolf Brother’ as a stimulus, to create a short piece of writing that kept the readers on the edge of their seat! We even practised using pitch and intonation to when creating a voice recording of our own writing, which we played to our parents at the end of term celebration.

We worked extremely hard on our Maths mini adventures throughout the half term, the highlight of which being our Fraction Frenzy, where we had to demonstrate our knowledge of equivalent fractions when creating our own Stone Age Fruit Stew! We even got to taste our homemade recipes (it was definitely a case of ‘Marmite’ as some children loved it and some children hated it)!

We took part in a Science Day where we posed the question ‘Does the mass of an object affect how quickly it falls?’ We worked in groups of 4 to plan and deliver our own experiments from start to finish, taking into account the resources we wanted to use, the method in which we carried out the fair tests and how we collected our results.

Other notable achievements:

Art – Stonehenge Silhouettes – beautiful water colour backgrounds with bold prints of Stonehenge

Music – Completing our Autumn Term ‘brass’ lessons with Hampshire Music making phenomenal progress from September to December

PE – Real PE – Creative Cog – we continued to develop our PE skills and built up towards creating our own sporting challenges using a variety of equipment, where the aim was to be unique and different to others.

Autumn 2 Newsletter (Stonehenge)

To Infinity and Beyond

Earth, space and the universe beyond

This half term has been out of this world in year 5!

We launched into our adventure with a message from NASA who set us on our challenge to recover stolen information that they believed aliens had taken. The children set of on their mission by investigating relative planet size using different fruit that had been left in the playground by extra-terrestrial life, although very slimy, the children had a lot of fun.

The children have really worked hard in ART this half term and created beautiful pastel solar system scenes, their very own rockets and incredible astronaut portraits which were all amazing.

We delved into Year 5 English with some engaging and descriptive Moon Man style narratives and succeeded in completing Isabelle Jacksons challenge to spread knowledge about women in space by writing factual non-chronological reports about four inspiring female astronauts.


Year 5s have equally shown so much enthusiasm and determination in their Maths adventures. Maths this year started with a race to fill up Moon Mans fuel tank before his journey to Earth using place value knowledge, followed by battling Andromeda aliens in an addition and subtraction war, which the concluded with the children defeating the aliens with water filled missiles. 


One of the best parts of adventure for most was our incredible trip to the Winchester planetarium where we blasted through space, in the explorer dome, to investigate our solar system and the galaxies beyond. The children were also eager participants in their workshop were they examined light and the how it is made before having a go at the many reverting activities the space exhibit had. 

We are so impressed with the hard work that year 5s have shown this half term and we can’t wait to explore the stone age to bronze age next half term.


Year 5 Newsletter ( To infinity and beyond)