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YEAR 4 - Ash and Beech

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 2 Newsletter (World at War)

Summer 1 - Walking with Wildlife


Summer 1 in Year 4 –Walking with Wildlife


This adventure has been thoroughly enjoyable. The children’s curiosity and excitement has been incredible! The children have really loved the challenge of finding out more about wildlife with some children even bringing in their own wildlife books, pictures and their homework activity where they started the 50 things to do before you are 11¾ challenge.

From the first day back at school, the children were fully immersed into life in the wild as they were set the task of making their very own bug hotel. The children had to research and design a bug hotel that they believed all bugs would enjoy and then by using things they could find on the school field, they brought them to life. The children have been thrilled to find many bugs living in their hotels since they created them. This was then followed by a quiz all about the different types of trees, which they were very good at.

The children then had the first opportunity back to wow us with their writing skills and used their bug hotel knowledge to write a letter, from the perspective of a bug, to the hotel that they stayed in to explain if they had a good stay or a bad stay. The letters they produced were great and they had some very strong and interesting opinions.

During this half term, we explored the adventurous tales of Swallows and Amazons written by Arthur Ransome. This encompassed both English and Maths and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. The children created their own version of Swallows and Amazons narrative, where they looked at using pronouns and how to paragraph correctly. They wrote some great stories and then got to share them with each other at a Year 4 picnic in which they ate marmalade, jam or honey sandwiches and drank delicious juice.

Maths has equally been full of many fun adventures based on Swallows and Amazons. To start the term they were set off on a treasure hunt around the school by the Swallows children themselves. The children had to answer different questions based on addition and subtraction in a competition with the other class to win the Wild Cat Island flag.

Another highlight of the half term was music and science. The children investigated how sound was made and got to have fun using lots of different instruments to prove their findings.  From  discovering different genres of music to learning all about different types of instruments and how they were designed the children had plenty of opportunity to make lots of noise.

This has been a wonderful adventure chosen by the children, it was great that we were able to explore English wildlife and it is delightful to see that the children are continuing their curiosity outside of school.

We hope you had an enjoyable and restful half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you again soon for the next adventure!


Summer 1 Newsletter (Walking with Wildlife)

Spring 2 - Made in the Movies


Spring 2 – Made in the Movies


The children have loved our Made in the Movies adventure this half term, enjoying every mini adventure they undertook. We started it all off with a day looking at the history of movies. The children couldn’t believe how basic the first ever film made was and were fascinated by the thought that it had once been seen as interesting, amazing and even scary! They really enjoyed creating their own black and white films of every day events which looked amazing.

They were challenged in maths when budgeting their movies and had to ensure that their methods for addition and subtraction were accurate to make sure their movie came in under budget! No sooner had they got their expense report into the accountant than they had to start casting! They needed to use their multiplication methods to help the casting agency know how many extras to send in for each scene but we managed it!.

Another highlight of the half term was science where we looked at electricity on film sets. Luckily, there were no electric shocks when the children got hands on building circuits and testing different conductors and insulators before designing their own movie lights for their film sets.

Computing lead us into the world of coding and scratch. Through exploration and a fair but of debugging along the way, the children produced some exceptional mini games ensuring that the user had to take part by answering questions with the push of a button.

Finally, the English journey this half term has produced some fantastic results. Linked in with our reading of Matilda the children re-wrote a chapter of the famous book imitating the style of Roald Dahl. Their imaginations ran wild as they thought up ways that Matilda could seek revenge on her awful Father and Mrs Stock and Miss Gilbert enjoyed reading their wicked narratives filled with mischief!

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Spring 2 Newsletter (Made in the Movies)

Spring 1 - The Shang Dynasty


Spring 1 in Year 4 – The Shang Dynasty


This adventure has been a roaring success. The children’s enthusiasm and interest has been outstanding! Even in the last week, they were bringing in information that they had been learning at home and Mrs Stock and Miss Gilbert have learnt many fascinating facts about China whilst reading the Children’s home learning projects.

Without a doubt, many of the children’s favourite parts of this half term have been when they have had the chance to taste some Chinese food! Although a few were cautious at first, many children in year 4 found a new love of seaweed (!) on our first day back during our food taste test. It was lovely to watch children use the resilient rhino skills to take their first nibble on the unknown food and then enjoy it! And a big round of applause to those children who decided they didn’t like it but still ate a bit J

Later in the half term, the food tasting continued as the children created wonderful food poems to line the walls of the school for Chinese New Year. We tasted hot, crunchy spring rolls and smooth, silky Mikado sticks. The children’s writing flowed from their pencils as they knew exactly what to write; having made their own informed opinion on the look/taste/touch/sound of each food.

The food theme continued in maths as we were given the opportunity to help the kitchen staff organise the Chinese New Year meal for the whole school. They used their maths skills of multiplication and division to find the right weight of each ingredient for different classes’ orders. It was quite tough but they worked in groups to get the final order in for the kitchen in time for them to order the food in.   The meal was a great success and the children across the school were impressed!

The children were also able to use their fraction knowledge to help others! A Bronze distributer in China sadly had the flu and needed Year 4s help to evenly distribute the bronze orders, as his workers could not understand the equivalent fractions that they had been ordered in! Mr Wong was incredibly grateful to the children and is now feeling much better.

Another highlight of the half term was the archaeological dig the first day back. The children found old Chinese artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and dug them out of the dirt, before carefully dusting and scraping the remaining mud from the objects and making predictions for their uses. The children’s ideas were incredible and really showed their inventiveness and historical knowledge.

This has been a terrific first ever Shang Dynasty adventure in Pilgrims’ Cross and ended beautifully with the children’s own animation film based on the Yellow River, combining their English, Computing, Art and Geography skills!

We hope you have an enjoyable and restful half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you again soon for the next adventure!

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Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter (The Shang Dynasty)

Autumn 2 - King Alfred & the Vikings (Continued) Blog


King Alfred and the Vikings – part 2

This half term has been amazing in year 4!

One of the best parts was the Christingle performance at St Mary’s. The children sang beautifully and saved all the teachers from heart attacks by being VERY sensible with the lit Christingles! With no one catching fire, the service was a tremendous success and we were even able to sing one of the songs to the whole school afterwards!

The children also enjoyed our Viking day in school creating some fantastic shields. Almost all of them said that their favourite part was cooking and then eating the Saxon bread, layering honey on top for added sweetness. The day was even better due to their fantastic costumes; thank you to everyone who helped the children look like fierce Vikings and Saxons!

Year 4 created beautiful Saxon house scenes as part of decoration day using their shape knowledge from a maths adventure. In maths they also designed and then made thrones for King Alfred during our Great British Throne Off. They worked hard to calculate the area, perimeter and cost of their thrones so that King Alfred could pick the one he wanted.

They continued with King Alfred in English where they wrote factual biographies which improved our knowledge on the first ever King of England. The children found the treasure hunt round school great fun as they researched his life.

We hope you all have had an incredible Christmas holiday, the children deserve it, they have worked their socks off this term!


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Year 4 Autumn 2 Newsletter (King Alfred and the Vikings continued....)

Autumn 1 - King Alfred & the Vikings Blog


We have had a terrific first half term in Year 4! Both Ash and Beech class have thrown themselves into their Viking adventure so far, learning fascinating facts about life on long ships and battling dragons!

Maths has kept us on our toes as we started off with a vicious Viking quarrel between two tribes, however they were no match for our current Year 4s who were able to use their place value knowledge to solve the clues left behind by the thieving neighbouring tribes.

The children have also all earnt their Viking warrior kits through sniffing out and recognising different patterns with multiplication and even negative numbers!

We became experts in English for our dragon reports where we mimicked David Attenborough and investigated the world of dragons to write non-chronological reports and film documentaries.

In another mini adventure for English we switched director seats for poetic pens and created Kenning poems which we learnt were originally created by Vikings and Saxons!

At the same time as challenging ourselves in English and Maths we also delved into the world of Viking lifestyles and looked at the different areas of life as a Viking – their homes, clothes and much more. Once we had set sail for England from Scandinavia we observed life in the North Sea below us and categorised the different creatures we found there.

We can’t wait to keep discovering more as we continue with King Alfred and the Vikings after a well-deserved break!



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Year 4 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 (King Alfred & the Vikings)