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YEAR 4 - Ash and Beech



Friday 3rd March 2020


Hello everyone,

End of week two at home! We hope you’re starting to settle into a routine at home and making the most of all the extra family time. Mrs Stock has enjoyed the extra time to bake and try out some new recipes and Miss Clarke has been exploring Winchester on her daily walks – whilst keeping social distancing of course! Which hobbies have you been up to? We’d love to hear about them!

What have you been learning at home this week? At school we have been completing Joe Wicks PE lessons every morning and it’s definitely a good work out; if you haven’t tried them yet we thoroughly recommend it for all the family!  Did you also complete Mr LF’s worship on Tuesday? We think it is an amazing opportunity to show our school value of love by sending out letters to the Care Homes, I am sure that any they receive will help to spread joy.

We are looking forward to seeing any amazing projects or learning you have been doing on our new class emails.

Keep being courageous, trustworthy and loving children (as you always are!) to continue making a positive difference in God’s world.


Mrs Stock and Miss Clarke.


Friday 27th March 2020


Hello Year 4! 


We wanted to send you all a message whilst we are all staying and learning in different places. 


We hope you are all looking after yourselves and your family, listening to each other and showing lots of love! This is a strange time for everyone but we are very proud of everything you guys are doing at home - the work you're getting done and the fun activities you are doing with family. In times like this is is important to show courage whilst being resilient rhinos, and we know how brilliant you guys are at doing that! 


We hope this is an opportunity for you all to explore and learn in different ways and look forward to hearing about your own learning adventures. Now you have time to really explore all the different talents that are/will make you great role models in our world. What new skill can you practise at the moment and show us when this is all over and we are back at school?


Good luck for the days to come and keep smiling (and washing your hands!) 



Mrs Stock and Miss Clarke. 


Spring 2 Newsletter (The Shang Dynasty)

Spring 1 - Andover to Africa


In Year 4, we began the Spring Term with a day jam packed with drama and excitement! We met Chris, a representative from Uganda, who showed us the alternative lifestyle of people in a Ugandan village. We swept the dusty floors with the grass brushes, walked miles for water in the sweltering heat, and dressed in bright traditional clothing. We all loved getting involved in the role-play to experience the different way of living.

Our launch day led to exploring more ways in which life in Africa is different to England, but also how it is similar. In Geography, we looked at the countries of Chad and South Africa, focusing on the human and physical features. We considered how these features were similar or different to those here in England, and concluded within a class debate to decide where we would prefer to live. It was interesting to find that many children were tempted by the idea of living in the African countryside!

A definite highlight for the children was getting the opportunity to design and create their own tie-dye bags to sell and raise money for the charity ‘Education Uganda’. The Year 4s weren’t afraid to get stuck in and experiment with different designs and styles, resulting in a wonderful range of patterns and colours. We are delighted to say we raised enough money to help the people of Uganda have access to a better quality education. We even used our fraction knowledge to consider how the money could be split to provide a range of school supplies for children in Uganda. 

Our English mini adventures involved becoming News Reporters so that we could create our own online newspaper articles about an eagle being raised as a chicken! In addition to this, we read a variety of African Tales, exploring the vocabulary they use to describe the African surroundings in order to use this within our own narratives. The children enjoyed imagining life in a rural African village to experiment with different styles of writing.

We all loved exploring life in Africa, however we are now looking forward to moving across the continent border to learn all about The Shang Dynasty in China!

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Spring 1 Newsletter (Andover to Africa)

Autumn 2 - Scots and Saxons


Y4 Blog: Autumn 2

Saxons and Scots


This half term has been a whirlwind of adventure as we have explored the time of Saxons and Scots in England. The children got stuck in straight away looking at artefacts that Mr LeFevre found in his attic over the holidays and making historical guesses for what they might have been used for.

This led to researching the lives of Saxons and Scots and deciding who was better. We used our time travel machine for this and transported a Saxon and a Scot to Pilgrims’ Cross to find out their opinions but the machine broke and they were let loose on the school! Luckily, they managed to find Ash and Beech class so that the children were able to ask their historical questions and make an informed decision about who was best (they decided it was the Scots!).

On Wednesday afternoons the children had the opportunity to practise their artistic skills with Mr. Richie and created some fantastic Scots portraits which we are hoping to display on our section of the corridor in the new year. The children loved getting involved the paints and seeing what they were able to create with their new skills.

In science we learnt about the animals in Scotland now and the animals that were around in the Scots time. The children were fascinated that bears, wolves and even beavers used to roam wild in the Scottish Highlands and were quick to think up suggestions to help these animals become re-introduced. They used their ideas and science knowledge to create safe habitats for the animals that allowed them to roam free whilst also protecting the humans who live there.

Another highlight, although not linked to our Saxons and Scots, was the Year 4 Christingle service. We were really proud of their singing, especially when they faced their audience and couldn’t see the words on the screen. The service was beautiful and the children were incredibly sensible with their lit Christingles and everyone safely made it through!

We hope you have an incredible Christmas holiday with your children – they have more than earnt the break! We look forward to having them all back in January to embark on our new adventure into Africa!


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Autumn 2 Newsletter (Scots and Saxons)

The Wild Coast

Year 4

 Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to the Year4 children for an amazing first half term back! They engaged enthusiastically with all the learning and astounded us with their knowledge.

We started out Wild Coast adventure by looking closer to home at Picket Twenty applying our geography learning of physical and human features to see how we could make our estate a better place to live. The children were creative with the ideas they wrote in their non-chronological reports to the local MP with suggestions such as a local climbing wall to help increase the exercise of local residents and a possible petting zoo up on the park!

The children then found it fascinating when we headed to the coast on our school trip at Stubbington Study Centre at the similarities and differences between a country town and a coastal one. The children were beautifully behaved and made all the Pilgrims’ Cross staff proud at their level of involvement in all activities even when a mini hail storm arrived. It was amazing to see how the sea creatures they had placed in their DIY rock pools had made little passages through the sand during the morning.

Maths was also a great success over the half term and the children enjoyed using their multiplication and division skills to help Finn save the dolphins from the plastic pollution. They were able to practise their times tables rapid recall on Times Table Rockstars throughout the mini adventure and they worked hard in the year group battle – congratulations to Ash class who won this time!

In science we looked into the water cycle and it’s different stages so that the children could create informational posters to explain the science behind the book: Rhythm of the Rain. The children really enjoyed learning about evaporation and condensation and the rap was going round and round our heads for days!

We ended the half term with a writing competition based on the book Town is by the Sea. All the children wrote descriptive and engaging stories full of action! We have attached a few snippets from some of the stories that we were blown away with for you to read below.

We hope all of you have had the chance to relax over the half term reading for our new adventure and of course, Christmas celebrations!



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Autumn 1 Newsletter (The Wild Coast)