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YEAR 3 - Chestnut and Elm

Autumn 2 Newsletter (Between a rock and a hard place)

Roaming in the Rainforest


Year 3  –

Roaming in the Rainforest

Year Three enjoyed a Geography based learning adventure in Autumn 1 called Roaming in the Rainforest. They started the learning adventure by decorating the classroom rainforest. They engaged in making vines, snakes and collaging different animals such as sloths and toucans. The classrooms looked brilliant by the end of the day.

During our adventure lessons, the children have located the rainforest around the world and learned why they are suitable to this climate. The children were very interested in the current topic of the fire currently in the Amazon Rainforest so we looked into this and deforestation. The children enjoyed exploring Google Earth which revealed that there are cities in the Rainforest and people living in them. We then learnt the main features of rivers and how the river supports the economy in the Rainforest.

In English, the children wrote persuasive letters for a man who lost his job for not cutting down the Great Kapok Tree in the rainforest. They then loved learning about different animals in the Rainforest and they wrote their very own creaturepedia based on which animal they wanted to research. This also encompassed computing whereby the children evaluated the best sites for retrieving information. Finally, we read lots of different poems and we wrote our own version of Roger McGough’s Sound Collector to the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest which we will then send to Roger McGough for his upcoming 82nd Birthday.

In Maths, the children developed their understanding of place value by distributing all the animals of the rainforest. They then began to use the column method for addition and subtraction whilst learning how to conserve the rainforest instead of deforesting it. They also worked hard to save Pete the Piranha by learning about rotation, right angles and parallel and perpendicular lines. Finally, the children developed their understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well as beginning to learn how to draw 2D shapes.

In music, the children listened to different sounds of the Amazon Rainforest. They learnt how to simply record long and short sounds and created their own musical notation which they then performed in groups.

During Art with Mr Ritchie, the children studied Henri Rousseau’s jungle artwork. They then used this to influence their own shades of green leaves for the rainforest.

In Science, the children have learnt about the skeletons of both humans and animals whilst learning the difference about vertebrates and invertebrates. They realised that the skeletons helped to protect, support and move the body.

During RE, the children studied the concept of creation. They learnt that Christians believe that they are stewards of the world under God’s instruction. They continued to learn what Christians do to protect the world before applying this to their own viewpoints about how they want to look after the world.

In French, the children have learnt how to say hello as well as the colours, the facial features and how to count up to 20. They have loved learning how to speak in a different language and we look forward to developing this as the year continues.

It has been a packed but enjoyable half term and we thank you for all of your continued support. We can’t wait to start the next learning adventure with the children.



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Autumn 1 Newsletter (Roaming in the rainforest)