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YEAR 2 - Hazel and Lime



Friday 3rd April 2020


Hello Year 2

We hope that you have had an enjoyable week and are starting to get used to being at home. Together we are making a BIG difference.

Hopefully you have managed to do some of the learning that we sent home. Now that we have a class email address you can send us photos/examples of some of the things you have been doing. We would love to see them! 

We are currently preparing new learning for after the Easter break.

This week we have all been trying to do more exercise. When the sun is out it is lovely to be outside if we can! Miss Longley has also been reading and Mrs McNeil and Mrs Carter have been doing jobs they have been putting off for some time like cleaning the oven!

We miss you and hope to see you very soon.

Love, Mrs Carter, Mrs McNeil and Miss Longley


Friday 27th March 2020 


Hello Year 2

Your teachers here! We hope that you are getting used to your new routine. It is a bit strange for us all but we need to show lots of courage to get through it. We are sure the days will pick up speed and we will be back to school in no time.

We are all trying to keep busy and do things that we don't normally have time to do. Mrs Carter has been baking cakes with Wilbur, Mrs McNeil has been painting and reading with her boys and Miss Longley has been tidying her garden.

Make sure you use the 1 hour exercise a day to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. We all feel better when we have done some exercise.

Don't forget to show lots of love and respect to the adults at home too. Remember it is difficult for everyone so we have to help and support each other.

Take care and speak soon. We miss you.

Mrs Carter, Mrs McNeil and Miss Longley 

PS Keep reading!


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Autumn 2 - London's Burning



Autumn 2 Year 2 – London’s burning!


Our adventure started with the delivery of some random objects! In close inspection we discovered they were items from 1666 for the Great Fire of London! We then played a team game against the other Year 2 class. We had to see who could empty a bucket of water from one end of the line and fill up the bucket at the other end of the line by passing water in cups. Lime class were the winners!


We then ordered the events of the fire, learnt about why the fire happened and how it spread as well as learning about how houses had changed since the Great Fire. We enjoyed having the parents in to help us make our Tudor Houses, thank you. We also enjoyed a Great Fire of London theatre workshop where we all took part in the event back in 1666.


In English Mr Le Fevre and Mr White wanted us to write instructions for what to do in case of a fire. We did a practice fire drill and wrote some fantastic instructions. We also pretended we were at the Great Fire and wrote diary entries using some exciting adjectives.


In maths we learned to multiply so that we could help the baker organise the bread and cakes in his new bakery. We showed our understanding of multiplication in different ways; practical resources, arrays, repeated addition and multiplication sentences.


In science we have been investigating what it means to have a healthy heart. We have discussed why it is important for humans to exercise, of eating the right amount of different types of food and why good hygiene is so important, especially at this time of the year!


We have enjoyed the first part of the Autumn term and we are excited for our next adventure in the New Year!


Mrs Carter and Miss Longley


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Autumn 2 Newsletter (London's Burning)

Autumn 1 - Crazy Claude


Autumn 1 Year 2 – Crazy Claude!


Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the year! Our adventure started when we had a visit from a French dog called Claude who told us we would be going on lots of adventures with him as part of a geography themes adventure.


We looked at maps, discussed what they are for and even created some of our own. We looked at map symbols to help us understand maps in more detail and we created our own compasses to give directions to Claude. We walked around our local area and talked about why Claude should visit Picket Twenty.


In English we delved straight into the exciting story of ‘Claude in the City’. A fictional tale of a dog who leads an extraordinary life by travelling to different places in search of excitement and adventure! We wrote information sheets to help Claude get to know us and we wrote a recount of Claude’s trip to the City. We ended the adventure by writing our own Claude adventure stories!


In maths we built upon our knowledge of how to add and subtract to help Claude and his friends. We applied our knowledge of number to create a Claude board game. Claude opened a café so we had to help him add things together and give change. By using take away, we helped Claude understand what ‘less’ meant so that he would eat fewer bones and not be sick!


In Science we investigated materials to find and make Claude a new rain jacket. We learnt about where our food comes from and how to use food safely when we made dog biscuits.


We have enjoyed the first part of the Autumn term and we are excited for our next adventure after half term.


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Autumn 1 Newsletter (Crazy Claude)