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YEAR 1 - Maple and Sycamore

Throughout the year the children are guided through a series of Learning Adventures. Below is a review of the last Learning Adventure with some associated photos, ENJOY!

Summer 2 Newsletter (Down at the Waterhole)

Summer 1 - King of the Castle


Year 1-  King of the Castle


What a short but fun packed half term. On the first day an eagle flew past year One and dropped a rather important letter from a young King called King Pilgrim. He asked us for help in protecting his castle from some nasty knights who were trying to invade.


Throughout our Adventure, the children fully immersed themselves into their learning so that they could protect the King’s castle. They learnt about where castles were built and why and they even learnt how to find castles on maps. Later, we went on to discover who else lived in a castle and the roles they had.  The children then learnt about castle defences and had great fun learning how they protected the castle.

The children become brilliant artists this half term. The children learnt that many Kings and Queens have a portrait of themselves in their castle. The children then looked at drawing their own self-portraits really concentrating on the shape of their face, eyes and nose. The children then collaged themselves to turn themselves into royalty.


In English, the children did some fantastic writing. They enjoyed writing their own fairy tales with a twist to entertain King Pilgrim at his banquet. They also wrote some brilliant information booklets about castle defences so that King Pilgrims’ castle would finally be safe.


In Maths the children had a challenge of helping King Pilgrim order his Knights ready for battle. They had to group the knights in 2, 5 and 10 and make sure they counted the correct amount on knights in each group.


We had a brilliant time on our school trip to Portchester Castle where the children were able to explore a real life castle. All children were given the opportunity to dress up as Kings, Queens or servants and even tried some medieval dancing.


In RE, the children have been learning about God. They made some brilliant success criteria for what God had to be like and they really showed a good understanding of what Christians believe are his qualities. We learnt about the story of the Prodigal son and how the father in this story represented God. From this the children adapted their original ideas to include that God needed to be forgiving. Later, the children discussed the importance of forgiveness and what this did to them as well as the person they forgave. 


We really loved sharing our work with you at our Celebration Banquet and we are grateful for your continued support.



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Summer 1 Newsletter (King Of The Castle)

Spring 2 - While the City Sleeps


Year 1-  While the City Sleeps…!


First day back after half term Year 1 had a very exciting start to our new adventure as they came in dressed as Superheroes. Thank you parents for the hard work you put into this. On this exciting day the children had a chance to describe their Superhero and to make a superhero pop art piece whilst learning about Andy Warhol. During our adventure we have focussed on the real life hero of Florence Nightingale. We learnt about who she was, what she did and what made her a hero. The children were both fascinated and disgusted by the conditions patients had to endure back in the 1800s. To bring their adventure to life, we welcome Super Duper from the company Perform who enlisted the children to help her in saving the world from an evil villain. The children loved the workshop and they came up with some very creative names for their own superheroes.


In English, we read the story ‘Supertato’. Year 1 were enjoyed creating their own Supertato and they then then used these potato characters to help them write an ending that would save Supertato after evil pea tried to mash him. The children brilliantly created plans that would save the day.  They also worked hard to learn about different real life heroes in the public sector and created a non-fiction poster to explain who they were and what they did. Last of all, the children were employed by The Daily Planet to write a newspaper report that explained what was going on in Supertato’s supermarket when it went into meltdown.  


In Maths, the children were set the task of using their knowledge of money to buy vegetables from Supertato’s supermarket for the grand re-opening.  They also helped Subtraction man defeat all the nasty villains and take them away. The children moved onto using pictorial methods and were also solving word problems.


In DT, the children researched, designed and made picture frames for Mothers’ Day. The children made these with great care and really enjoyed decorating them for their mums. The children worked hard thinking about how to make their structure sturdy and secure.


In Computing, we made Superhero animations using the Ipads. The children had a lot of fun making their Superhero characters and their backdrops.


In RE the children learnt about the Easter story and how the death of Jesus brought hope to the people that they could start their lives and their relationship with God again.


Year 1 have worked extremely hard this half term and it has flown by! They have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure of ‘Superheroes’ and we were sad to see it come to an end.

Thank you for the support you have given the children.  Have a lovely Easter break and we’re look forward to seeing you after the holidays for our new adventure!


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Spring 2 Newsletter (While the City Sleeps)

Spring 1 - Up Up and away


Year 1-  Up, Up and Away!


First day back after half term Year 1 had an exciting start to our new adventure using Paper Mache to make hot air balloons. They were displayed all over the classrooms. Year 1 went on a journey learning about Neil Armstrong. They made fact sheets and even their own rockets. It has been wonderful learning about different aircrafts with them and we have enjoyed listening to what they already know.


In English, we started our adventure by using ‘Up’ a Disney clip to motivate their writing. They enjoyed learning about the characters and writing a missing poster about the flying house! We also read ‘Man on the moon (a day in the life of Bob) which the children thoroughly enjoyed as they acted in role as the characters on the moon and made a fantastic alien description. The stories the children wrote ‘Aliens on the moon’ were then read to Year 2 and Bob himself. To end our adventure of Up, Up and Away the children got stuck in to writing a counting poem about space. They used some great adjectives and included lots of ‘ing’ words. Year 1 were very proud reading their poems to Year 5.


In Maths the children have learnt what Maths skills they need to help halve and quarter sandwiches for Bob’s picnic on the moon. They have also learnt how to add items from Bob’s souvenir stand on the moon. To help them they used the bar model and counting objects. The children have become more confident with their number bonds to 10 due to learning a number bond rap to help.


In Science, we have been learning all about the weather and the 4 seasons. The children can name the 4 seasons and say what you can wear in those seasons. They created a season poster which they took a lot of care and time over. They also became weather forecaster, recording the weather each day!


In RE, the children have been learning about Change. We looked at the story of the Lost Sheep and discussed its hidden meaning. The children concluded that all people should try to change so that they can become better versions of themselves. The children also learnt about the 4 gospels of the Bible. They learnt that these people wrote stories about Jesus and the good news that he brought to the people of Jerusalem.


In Art this term, the children studied the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We learnt some interesting facts about him and then we looked at his artwork. The children studies and recreated Starry night using different media and swirls, which are, now up on display for you to see.


Year 1 have worked so hard this half term and they have shown so much enthusiasm on this adventure. Many children have been a Resilient Rhino, having a go at learning new skills.


Thank you for the support you have given the children and we are looking forward to our new adventure, ‘While the City Sleeps.’


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Year 1 Spring 1 Newsletter (Up Up and Away)

Autumn 2 - A Toys Story Blog


What a busy but exciting term for the children! The learning adventure this half term, called A Toy’s Story, has been focussed on History.

To kick-start the adventure, the children were invited to bring their favourite toy in to school. We then shared their toys with each other and did an amazing piece of work to put on display.

Throughout the rest of the adventure, the children learnt the timeline of teddy bears; and how and why they have changed. The children found it interesting to see the sorts of toys that would have been played with in the past and compared them to the toys that are played with now. The children then designed their toy of the future and had great fun experimenting with the sorts of technology that they could use.

In English, the children have been working hard to develop their use of phonics and those all-important skills required when writing. They have produced some great pieces of writing. They wrote their own ending for Toys at the Beach, which they then read to Year R. They have also written some fantastic fact files about their toys to be put in the Science Museum.

In Maths, the children have been helping Toodles find his marbles by counting carefully to 20 and adding to check that he has them all back. They have also been working with Bunting Cat to keep all the toys in order by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. To finish the term, the children were asked by Woody to help him work out who was winning races. We then ended the mini adventure by having a wind-up toy car race.

In Science, the children loved learning about different materials. They learnt about where materials came from and how they were made. We then experimented which material would be the best for fixing Paddington’s umbrellas.

In DT, the children made Santa puppets. The children designed their puppets after exploring a range of puppets and commenting upon each one. The children joined their puppets using fabric glue and then they added details to their designs.

The children have also worked hard in RE. Our Big Question this half term was ‘Who was Jesus?’ The children learnt about how and why Jesus was born. They then went on to discover how Christians remember the birth of Jesus at Christmas and how candles and bright decorations are used to show that Jesus is coming.

The children have of course also been taking part in the Christmas production this year. They worked hard to remember the songs and the actions and delivered them beautifully during the performances. Thank you for all your hard work to make their costumes and continuing to support them with their learning at home.



Best Wishes,

Miss Harris, Miss Burgess, Mrs Odling, Miss Olsen, Mrs Andreatta and Mrs Taylor

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Year 1 Autumn 2 Newsletter (A Toys Story)

Autumn 1 - Building our Future Blog

What a start to the year Year One have had! The children have settled in well and the Year One team are immensely proud of them all. The learning adventure this half term, called Building Our Future, has been focussed on PSHE and the children’s future aspirations.

It all started with a wonderful launch whereby the children came in dressed as what they would like to be when they are older. The children came in wearing some fantastic outfits; throughout the day they made lanyards for ID cards and painted portraits of themselves from the future. The children also enjoyed making a time capsule which they buried on the field. Over the rest of the half term, the children have got to know some people with careers that the children showed an interest in. They met the new Year 6 teacher, Mrs Clayton and set about making a map of the school to help her get around. They then worked with Mr White to design something to improve their school grounds and finally Mrs May, who is a gardener, came in and helped the Year Ones plant some flowers in the outside area.

In English, the children have worked hard to improve their understanding of sentences. The children have written the fairy-tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have used Mama Cook’s recipe to write a set of instructions on how to make Pizza.

In Maths, the children have been working hard to develop their number knowledge. They worked alongside our Lego postman to deliver to the correct houses and in the right order, as well as helping Mama Cook to read her table numbers up to ten. In the last week we started looking at numbers to 20 whereby they helped Builder Ben keep track of all his stock.

In Science, the children have engaged enthusiastically with plants. They have learnt the parts of a plant and the role each part plays as well as learning about what plants need to stay alive and why. The children experimented by planting a seed in a bottle which they found fascinating when it started to grow.

In DT, the children learnt how to make pizza bases when they were given a recipe to follow by Mama Cook. They then designed their toppings for their pizza which they later did in the Grove; they learnt to cut, grate and present their food.

PE has been focussed on ball skills this half term. We have learnt skills to enable us to throw and catch successfully, how to chest pass and throw with force to reach a desired target

The children have also worked hard in RE. Our Big Question this half term was ‘Who created the world?’. The children enjoyed making their own creations before learning about God and how Christians believe he made the world. After they had looked at Christianity, they learnt about how Hindus believe the world was created.

The children have had a busy but productive half term and we as a Year One team hope you have a restful week. We look forward to seeing you all when you return and are up for a new adventure.



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Year 1 Newsletter - Autumn Term 1 (Building our Future)