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YEAR 1 - Maple and Sycamore

Spring 1 Newsletter (Go Wild)

Autumn 2 Superheroes


Year 1-  Superheroes!


First day back after half term Year 1 had a very exciting start to our new adventure as they came in dressed as Superheroes. Thank you parents for the hard work you put into this. On this exciting day the children had a chance to describe their Superhero. To bring their adventure to life, we learnt a superhero dance which they all showed to have resilience and courage when performing it to an audience. A few weeks later, we welcomed Super Duper from the company Perform who enlisted the children to help her in saving the world from an evil villain. The children loved the workshop and they came up with some very creative names for their own superheroes.

For History, we learnt lots about toys from the past to the present. Starting with looking at their toys, from when they were a baby to now. Year 1 were great at describing the properties of their toys and explaining how they are used. We then looked at parents and grandparents toys, comparing them to their toys. We placed these toys on a time line from the newest to the oldest. The children had interesting thoughts and debates about where the toys should go on the timeline. From the knowledge they knew about these toys they then created fact files that went into our toy museum in our class celebration.

In English, we read the story ‘Traction Man. Year 1 created a character description of Traction Man using the great illustrations from the book. They then used the book to retell the story using props and actions. When it came to writing Traction Man’s adventures, the children were so enthusiastic and such Resilient Rhinos. Our focus was capital letters for names, full stops, using their Fred Frog Fingers for spelling and using first person I. They did such a great job of creating their own problem for Traction Man and writing in their very own storybook.

In Maths, the children learnt about ordering numbers using a variety of maths resources to show this and they found missing numbers up to 20. The children used their knowledge of numbers to help them count in 2s to 20. Year 1 enjoyed learning about how to half. They learnt how to half shapes, objects and numbers. Their halving skills came in handy when we made a pizza and had to halve our toppings.

In Science, we have continued to look at the weather and seasons. We also learnt about the body parts and found which body part links to which sense. We have learnt about the 5 senses and how we use them every day. When investigating the senses, the children came to the conclusion that we use at least more than one sense at a time.

In DT, we learnt about healthy eating. The children went through the foods they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we discussed what was healthy and why.

The children have also worked hard in RE. Our Big Question this half term was ‘Who was Jesus?’ The children learnt about how and why Jesus was born. They then went on to discover how Christians remember the birth of Jesus at Christmas and how candles and bright decorations are used to show that Jesus is coming.

The children have of course also been taking part in the Christmas production this year. They worked hard to remember the songs and the actions and delivered them beautifully during the performances. Thank you for all your hard work to provide their costumes and continuing to support them with their learning at home.

This half term and it has flown by and Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure of ‘Superheroes’ and we were sad to see it come to an end.

Have a lovely Christmas and we’re look forward to seeing you after the holidays for our new adventure!

Best wishes,

Miss Plaw, Miss Burgess, Mrs Odling and Mrs Foynes.



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Autumn 2 Newsletter (Superheroes)

Year 1 Out and About


What a great start to Year 1! The children have settled in well and the Year One adults are immensely proud of them all. Our learning adventure was Out and About and the focus was exploring our school and its grounds as well as exploring the local area.

It all started with a wonderful launch whereby the children had a treasure hunt around the school; using clues and the school map they could find their way around the school leading them back to the treasure. The children then looked at a birds eye plan of our classroom and re-created the classroom using junk modelling. It was lovely seeing a 3d model of the classroom with labels. All of these skills came in to good use when we had our class celebration and parents helped to create a 3d model of the school. Thank you parents!

In English, the children have worked hard to improve their understanding of sentences. They have been learning what a capital letter is, a full stop and finger space, as well as using their Fred Frog Fingers for spelling. They retold the Fairytale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and wrote Goldilocks a letter. It was very exciting writing a letter to parents and walking to the post box to post it!

In Maths, the children have been working hard to develop their number knowledge. They have been helping the Jolly Postman to count numbers to 10 and 20 as well as recognise them. The children have shown their understanding of numbers to 20 by representing them in different ways using our Maths resources. They have blown us away with their understanding of 2d shapes; recognising, naming and describing a circle, triangle, rectangle and square.

In Science, the children have engaged enthusiastically with weather and seasons. They have learnt the four seasons through walks, songs and pictures. From this the children have created an information page about the four seasons. Each day Year 1 have looked at and discussed the weather and then recorded this in class.

In Art, the children learnt about the Artist Frederick Hundertwasser. They looked at and discussed his work in detail. They then practised mark making using a range of art resources and from this created a final piece in the style of Hundertwasser. It was great to see so many children being a Resilient Rhino in Art.

PE has been focussed on control and balancing. The children have been following instructions and learning the skills to be able to balance. Working well in partners, they have been developing different movements such as side step, skipping, hopping, and many more. Once we learnt how to balance, the children played a fun game of pop up pirate with a partner.

The children have also worked hard in RE. Our Big Question this half term was ‘Who created the world?’. The children enjoyed making their own creations before learning about God and how Christians believe He made the world. After they had looked at Christianity, they learnt about how Hindus believe the world was created.

The children have had a busy but productive half term. We look forward to seeing you all when you return and are up for our new adventure, Superheroes!

Best Wishes,

Miss Plaw, Miss Burgess, Mrs Odling, Mrs Foynes, Mr Rushton, Mrs Rolt, Mrs Clark

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Year 1 Newsletter (Out and about)