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Hi All

I hope you can see the photo below which is the back of new t-shirt which I like very much! And yes you are right in thinking I am rather obsessed with anything linked to “Adventure”! :-)

However, I also do like wandering both out walk and on our bikes. Thomas and Lucy have got used to our wandering and trusting me we will get home eventually! It only took 5 miles to return yesterday on our bikes!


Last week, wandered around the local area and I set the children the challenge of finding natural objects that match the colours of the rainbow! I did not think it would be such a challenge but they it achieve it J


Below are two examples of our Natural RAINBOW COLLAGES

Erin and Thomas - Colours of the rainbow

Challenge 1


To create either a NATURAL or MANMADE RAINBOW on your walks, by taking a photo of things that match the colours of the Rainbow.


Then (maybe with a help with an adult) make a rainbow collage – either on the computer, or print off the pictures and stick them on a piece of paper in the correct order!)


Please do send in your natural or man-made Rainbow Collages to

Challenge 2


Next Wednesday 20th May is National Thank a TEACHER Day, so you might like to send a special message or create something for them (which you could photo) to your teacher on that day, via the class email accounts. J


Below is a link to the official website for National Thank a Teacher Day for other ideas.

WEEKLY WORSHIP - 2nd Worship focusing on COURAGE

Interesting Learning Resource


This resource was shared with me by Mr Ritchie who when he is not teaching Art is a Scout Leader and this is where he found this resource. This resource is a project based resource and you can choose some of the different activities in it.


For children 5-7:


For children 7-11