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Hi All

I hope you all are having a lovely “indoors” Easter and you are to have some time with all your household together and those who have been working had some time at home. Also, you have enjoyed the lovely weather safely and not gathering in large groups.

I know I keep saying it but I am very very proud of everyone of you who are following the Government rules and staying at Home and only going out for exercise and not meeting your friends. You are making such a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE TO GOD’S WORLD!! Thank you.

It is rather strange not seeing other family members this weekend as we usually do but I have been able to talk to my Mum and Dad using a video link which was nice.

Easter is an extra special time as on Monday it will be our Wedding Anniversary. We are planning on having a special meal and getting dressed up just like we would if we were going to a restaurant! Sadly there will be no one  to serve us or do the washing up but I am still looking forward to it.  (Which is why some of you keen eyed people will have noticed I have uploaded this message on Sunday not Monday as I have been told – NO work on Monday!! J)

When I went to work this week I took a moment stop before I got in the car to appreciate the early morning sunshine and the birds singing. Please see below. It is strange at times trouble the simplest of things that can make you smile.


The Moment when I stopped and appreciated the wonderful world around me!

Still image for this video

So this week’s challenge number 1 to with permission of your parents take photo of something that has made you smile, it could be indoors or outdoors. It is that simple!

Please send your photos to  and please use the subject “WEEKLY CHALLENGE”


Challenge 2

Is to create 2 maths problems for others to solve! Try and make them a real challenge for your class. (Do not send the answers!!!)

#They can be on any maths topic you like using any Maths you have learnt this year.


I had 5 easter egs and my brother eat 2. How many were left?


My garden is a square and the length of one of the sides is 2.5m On one day I run around the garden 5 times. How many metres have I run? If I do this a week how far is it then?


Please using the SUBJECT “WEEKLY CHALLENGE” and state which year group you are in in the body of the email. All maths problems to


Interesting Home Learning Resource

This week the BBC are starting free online daily lessons and these can be accessed at the link below. This might be something you might like to add to your daily schedule as we return to “Term Time”.

PS I have put some more well being activities on the General Well Being page for you to have a look at, courtesy of Mrs Adams. :-)

WEEKLY WORSHIP - 10am TUESDAY for "Collective Worship" - any worship messages to - with WORSHIP as the subject pls.






If the magic faraway tree is 609 metres tall and grows 10 metres a day, how tall is the tree after 21 days?


IF Scooby and shaggy eat 2 scooby snacks each every day for a week how many altogether did they eat?



If a football player has a goal ratio of 2 per match

and his team played 6 matches but he only played 75% of them. How many goals has he scored?



If the Easter Bunny delivers 10 eggs per hour and he has delivered for 6 hours but he has to deliver an extra 2 eggs to the ‘Egg Day Nursery’ and an extra 3 eggs to ‘Pilgrims Cross School’, How long has it taken him to deliver them all ?


I saw 5 cows then when I came back I saw 5 more. How many cows are there?


I had 4 sharks in the pool, I threw 2 of them out. How many do I have?


 I went to the shop and bought 5 packets of sweets . In each  packet there were 15 sweets . How many sweets are there altogether?



I throw a big party for a 100 people to attend. 15 people couldn’t come with 5 people being sick .How many people are left?


The Baker's shop had 30 currant buns and Dave got 20. How many were left? 


Bobby had 5010 games and be bought 2020 more, then sold 50! How many does he have now?


I went bird watching today and saw 13 pigeons and 20 seagulls. How many birds did I see altogether?  After that I had 2 icecreams and 3 sweets, how many things did I eat altogether. I was then told off and I can't have my Ipad for 2 + 6 days! How many days do I not have my ipad?


I had 5 lollies and I add 5 more. How many lollies altogether? 



Cinderella went to the ball and there was 200 cupcakes. Only 3/4’s of them was eaten - how many is left?

School finishes at 2.50pm and the time is 10.30am. How long do you have till school finishes?

There was 10 elephants and they each had a baby. How many elephants are there?

We walked 8 miles and it takes 20 minutes a mile. How long did we walk for?


If there are 4 children. How many shoes are there? 


Julia has 6 dolls and Ella has 6 more. How many dolls are there altogether?

I went to the shop and bought 5 packets of sweets . In each  packet there were 15 sweets . How many sweets are there altogether?


I throw a big party for a 100 people to attend. 15 people couldn’t come with 5 people being sick .How many people are left?