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Hi All,

Just to let you know I have not sacked Mr Dockree for taking over my message last week. In fact, I am really looking forward to our Virtual Sports Day and I have forgiven him for his BOLDNESS! I did offer him my job but he for some reason declined the offer!


I am looking into how we can stream Mr Dockree (via Zoom) into your house / gardens. I just need to know how I can have only his video and sound on and disable everyone elses and set it so they cannot switch them on during the meeting. (So if you know how, please do email in to


If this is not possible then we will ask you to take part at the same time, if possible, as Mr Dockree will be carrying out the VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY with his KEY WORKER BUBBLE, so we can “feel” the togetherness if not see it.


As stated in Mr Dockree’s message as of Tuesday there will be printed score sheets for those of you that cannot print outside the front entrance. I have also ordered some paper plates as one of the activities needs one!? So we will also put these out with the score sheets on Tuesday, if they are delivered on time! 


To help you all get ready and practise the activities, Mr Dockree (and some great helpers) have created a video demonstrating each activity. I have then uploaded them to our Vimeo account and created a VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY COLLECTION.


These videos can be found at…


So this week’s challenges are combined into one simple one…


PRACTISE, PRACTISE and more PRACTISE of the Virtual Sports Day activities so you can score lots of points for our SCHOOL GRAND TOTAL!


Worship this week has come courtesy of Mr Osmond, so thank you to him for this week’s creation and I am sure you will enjoy it.