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Dear Parents and Children of Pilgrims' Cross,


Mr Dockree here - I have undertaken a MESSAGE TAKE OVER this week, as I have some very important  info to share with you concerning our VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY!  (I hope Mr Le Fevre does not mind, hope I don't get fired as I really do like working here at Pilgrims' Cross!!!!) 


I wanted to first of all share with you a recent accolade the school has earned because of our commitment to and performances in competitive sport.


Well done and thank you to any children who have represented Pilgrims' Cross this academic year. I hope to see many more of your wearing the school colours in the years to come.


At Pilgrims' Cross, we hold PE and Sport in high regard and for us, Sports Day is always one of the standout days in the school calendar. For obvious reasons, a typical Pilgrims' Cross sports day where we all come together is not possible this year so we have decided to run the 'Pilgrims' Cross Virtual Sports Day 2020', which will take place on the TUESDAY 14th JULY at 10.00am.


In school with our Year R, Year 1, Year 6 and Key Worker children, we will be beginning the event at 10.00am and ensuring that our children have at least 2m social distance between them. We would love it if any children at home could join us at the same time so we get that sense of togetherness that we miss so dearly about our school.(I am going to ask Mr Le Fevre if we can stream us taking part to you at home, via ZOOM. I am not sure if this is possible but I will ask!) 


We also completely understand that for some households, this date and time may not work so we will be allowing children to complete the Virtual Sports Day tasks at any point during the week beginning Monday 13th July 2020. 


The event will consist of 10 sporting events/exercises, where the children can score points which contribute to their house teams overall total. We have tried to make sure that the activities only require equipment that can be accessed easily from home so please read the various equipment options carefully.


The Sports Day scoring sheet will be available to download below as well as some hard copies available in the sports day container located outside the office. The scoring sheet contains a brief set of instructions for each activity and to ensure everybody is clear on how each one works, we will be uploading a demonstration video for each activity onto the school website by this Friday 3rd July. This will then give the children a week to practise to ensure they are ready to push themselves to the limit on the big day!


To enable the children's score to count towardstheWHOLE SCHOOL GRAND SCORE, please ensure that the completed scoring sheet is e-mailed to or posted into the sports day container by FRIDAY 17th July. 

I wonder if between us we could score over 1000 points?! 


I would urge you all to find the time to get involved and help make our 2020 Virtual Sports Day one that we will never forget!


Good Luck!


Mr Dockree


P.S. To commemorate our 2020 Virtual Sports Day, I would love to create a display in the school that shows how we all managed to take part wherever we are! So I am going to set a BONUS CHALLENGE:



Send a photo/selfie of you before, during or after taking part in the Virtual Sports Day. Your photo must include a poster that says in bold writing PILGRIMS' VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY 2020 (see example below). As these will ALL be going on display, the more imaginative and colourful the better! Any photographs sent in or dropped off in the Sports Day container or emailed will automatically be included in this display and add 50 bonus points to the SCHOOL GRAND TOTAL. 



MY POSTER, I think it is okay but I am sure you can do better!