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Good Morning Everyone, 

What another lovely sunny morning today and it was lovely to have some Year R children in school today, for the first time. I have got to say I was so impressed with the children's ability to keep 2 metres apart...much better than many adults in TESCOS!


We have been thinking about things that we cannot do, which we would usually do in this Summer Term. One of those things, is SPORTS DAY! As we do not have everyone in school at the moment and those that are in school are not all here on the same day, you might be thinking there will be NO Sports Day this year! 


Well you are wrong, we will be having a VIRTUAL SPORTS will be a day where we will ask you to take part in a number of sporting activitities, record your achievements and send them into school alongside photos of you taking part. 


Mr Dockree has been tasked to come up with some ideas for our Virtual Sports Day and think of different activitties we all could enjoy.  Also, not everyone has a garden, or a ball, or a tennis racket etc. 


So, this week's challenge is to think and send in for Mr Dockree sporting activities everyone, anywhere could take part in. 


For example...SOCK KEEPY UPS (i.e.kicking a rolled up pair of socks as many times in the air as you can with out them hitting the ground!) This could work as everyone has socks, it can be done inside and outside and if the socks go a little all over the place, nothing will get broken, okay less chance of getting broken as socks are soft!


The plan is, when we receive all of your ideas, Mr Dockree will produce a VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY Activity card which he will send you. We will then have a couple of weeks to practice the VIRITUAL SPORTS DAY activitties and then on a particular day we all have our own sports day and send in our achievements. :-)


So please have a good think and please send in any ideas of activitites we could include in our VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY for Mr Dockree! 


Mr Dockree also said he might even do his own JOE WICKS type warmup for us to all follow, if we can persuade him. (So, children,  please do use your persuasive writing skills and send him an email via adminoffice if you would like him to do a JOE WICKS warm up session!) 


2nd Challenge is a Number challenge - To see if you can find numbers on number plates or on front doors that you can use in sums using add, take away, multiple and division to make the totals...1)10 2) 20 3) 53 4)200 and 5) 1010