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WEEKLY CHALLENGE Children's Zone Week 2

Mr Le Fevre's Weekly Challenge


Riley's scoring record - and the most common digit is...… the number 1


Hello, we completed the weekly challenge. We found the digit 0 was most common, which we were pleased about as that was Max and Mummy's prediction.

Kind regards

The Deveney Family 

Archie and Poppy Tibble took part in the weekly challenge on Friday. We discussed how we should record out findings and Archie thought a tally chart would be best. We were surprised to see so many numbers hidden out and about on our walk.
We found numbers on front doors, car registrations, bins, lamp posts and drain covers. The most common number we found was 5.

Ava completed the weekly challenge and the most common digit she found was the number 1


Lauryn and her family went out for a walk over the weekend and Lauryn discovered numbers in various shapes or forms, they found quite a few 1s and 7s.