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WEEK 6 Friday 12th Feb

Well it is seems to be HALF TERM ALREADY! 

I cannot believe it has been 6 weeks since the Christmas Holidays! Time flies when you are having fun so they say! Not sure we would describe this as fun!! 


However, as I say to the children you should be feeling very proud of what you have achieved, and that is whatever you have achieved re Home Learning or Key worker working!! Not in a patronising way - you all deserve a  PAT ON THE BACK!! 

And I would like to thank you for your support for the school and the staff this half term.


Together I think we have done the children proud :-)


I am hoping we will see you all very soon and we wait in anticipation for an announcement next week. As i have said before, once an announcement has been made we will make a plan and then let you know how it is going to work. :-)


And before, I let you know of this week's challenge, I would like to formally wish Mrs Stock all the best as she embarks on a her new Adventure. She is goes from Pilgrims' Cross with our our Love and blessings! 


So onto the challenge...I would love to say I have been creative and produced the challenge for half term all by myself but I cannot as Mrs Myers has done it for me this week. She has created a great HALF TERM FUN page on our website which is full of interesting and fun activities for you to have a go at over the half term break. The link is below - just click on the words below mine! 


Please do send in any photos or other recordings of these activities as I am sure Mrs Myers would love to see them and know it was worth her creating the page :-)


Have a great half term and take care of each other. 


May your God be with you as always. 


Mr Le Fevre


PS great rainbows from last week and thanks for the answers to my questions :-)