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WEEK 5 Friday 5th Feb

First some business...

1. The Inset Day planned for after half term will be postponed  to the first day of the summer term, i.e. the Monday after the Easter Holidays. This will enable us to make the most of staff training as I am hoping by then we might be closer to our new normal. 

2. We are planning for further opening of the school for the 8th March as suggested by the Prime Minister however as we know these things are flexible but we should know by the 22nd February. Once we know what the Government is planning suggesting we will finalise our plans and let you know as soon as possible. 

3. Parents Evening - after half term we will be running another set of remote / video parents evening and the final date for this will be set once we know what the grand plan is. 

4. Lateral Flow testing of staff - all our staff are participating and already we have identified one asymptomatic  case so they are working well :-) The cases of COVID reported to me on the online form have slowed down however we are still receiving a few a week. Please do record any member of your family who has tested positive on our online form as it does help us track cases in the school community. Thank you to those who have and we hope you are okay.


5. Help and support - we still have food bank food available and we do have access to emergency grants if you find yourself short of essentials (gas / electric etc) Please do not suffer without reaching out. We do not judge we just want to help. 


Now the other bit of my message...


I was listening to a GP this morning on the television and she was saying she was finding there are more cases of  families with young children (primary age) children suffering from stress. She was explained that the families she has been speaking to are suffering from HOME LEARNING ANXIETY! This is simply parents are becoming more and more anxious that they are not doing enough for their children at home, they are not teaching them well enough, they are not getting them to do enough work, the children will fall behind because "everyone else" is doing all of it and they feel guilty as a parent that they are in their eyes "letting their children down!" 


You might relate to the above, i know i do sometimes esp when it it is GCSE French home learning!! 


The GP shared her thoughts and her recommendations to the parents feeling like this...

1. You are a parent and not a teacher so do not judge yourself as a teacher

2. Parents first main role is to love, care and nurture your children - so prioritise this above home learning

3. As a parent you are a partner in the children's education to support the school in education so do your best - that is enough

4. The reality is, not many parents are doing all the home learning and not at the standard in which you believe they are


5. AND...if it get's too much reduce the expectations of yourself and the children. and maybe take a break from it. 


I have got to say, when I heard her this morning it made me as a parent feel a bit better and allowed me to let go of some of my parent guilt! 


I would also like to add, your children caught up the learning they missed last year in a term. Yes we focussed on less but they worked hard with their teachers and they got there. We will do this again and your children will be okay. As i have said please do some Home Learning but do not let it cause you or the children stress. It is all about BALANCE :-)


This week's challenge is a ART based one that I found on Facebook and it picks up the theme of RAINBOWS however as you will see it could a whole host of different things depending on the colours used.


(Video also below :-))


Please do send in your photos of your child's creations and also any findings re different colours, pens, etc...

Here are some questions to consider and I would love to know the answers to! 

What do you think this works?

Do different colours travel at different rates? 

What is are the best pens for this job?

What happens if the colours are different at  the different ends?

What is the longest piece of paper towel you can use so the colours meet in the middle?


All answers and photos to please :-)


Take care and may your GOD BE WITH YOU 


Mr Le Fevre



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