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WEEK 4 Friday 29th Jan

Dear All, 

I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks again when we have been apart and only two weeks to half term! The school will be closed during half term and we are having some building works started, which is very exciting.

Externally the ampitheatre replacement work is beginning eventually and also internally we are creating a permenent Thrive Room, which is going to be called the SPRUCE ROOM. As the Bruce family made the school a donation to support the children of PIlgrims' Cross and we felt this was an apt name! 


There is also progress with respect to the PEACE GARDEN. If you follow the link below you will understand what we are trying to achieve and also what we hope the PEACE GARDEN will look like, thanks to Mr Ritchie's artists impressions! 


Next week, is National Child Mental Health Week, however we felt it would be good to have a FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH FOCUS. So home learning next week will have a theme of mental health alongside some other tasks for the children to carryout to reniforce their previous learning. This hopefully, will be a pleasant change for you all and also some of the activities might resonate with you and your children and be used in the future. 


As you know we approach primary education through ADVENTUROUS LEARNING and one the elements of this Adventurous Learning is UP FOR IT ATTITUDE. This is the element that focusses on Mental Health by creating a physically and emotionally safe environment for the children. This includes the work we do around Thrive (emotional development), Stormbreakers (hope you have been enjoying these activities) and developing children's Spirituality. This has been recently supported by the introduction of our new learning character - EMOTIONS ELEPHANT! His story can be viewed by following the Curriculum link below, scrolling to the bottom of the page and using the password LAC3.

However, we know that a parents' mental health is just as important,, so below you will find images of a leaflet that has been created by Hampshire County Council focussed on adult's mental health which might be of interest to you. I really like the pages that gives some tips about looking after our own and others mental health. (The leaflet can be downloaded as a pdf at the bottom of the page and please do share with anyone who you think would benefit from reading it.) 


This weekend/ weekly challenge if you would like to take it on will benefit everyone! 


The challenge is to share how you and your family "CHILL OUT" and look after your mental health! 


You can share this through a quick description or a photo of you all doing it to the and we will share them with others so we can together create a Pilgrims Cross Well Being Bank of Activities. 

Hampshire County Council Adult Mental Health leaflet - pdf version of above