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WEEK 3 Friday 22nd Jan

Weekly message

Dear Parents,

I have some sad news to share with you this week. Mrs Stock will be leaving Pilgrims’ Cross at half term to start a new adventure in a county far away. Mrs Stock and her husband have been planning a move to different parts for a while but COVID stalled their plans, I knew there was a silver lining to all this! However, the plans are now ready again to be put into action.

I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the best in this new adventure and I know she will be missed by many in the Pilgrims’ Cross school community.

However, Hawthorn children do not panic as we have employed another wonderful teacher to come and guide you after half term. Her name is Teresa Hickman and she is really looking forward to meeting you and learning all about LEARNING ADVENTURES and all your wonderful gifts. Mrs Hickman is an experience teacher and I am sure you will enjoying having her as your Great Guide!

For Friday afternoon’s I have created two activities for all the children across the school to take part in, one is based on current affairs and the other a Worship, which this week is pre-recorded. This hopefully will help with siblings as they all can do the same home-learning (or similar as there is some choice of activities) and also you can end the week with a relaxing and reflective worship.

All this information can be found here….

At the bottom the web page above you will find a link to the week’s news activities and the worship.

Enjoy J The password for the worship is Pilgrims1


And here is a wonderful illustration that helps us remember we all struggle and sometimes  one step at a time is okay! 


Weekend / Weekly Challenge.

As the weather is getting rather cold I thought I would set you a icy challenge!

To make a hanging ice decoration like these….

Ice decorations


  • Find a shallow container or lid and then collect some interesting things from outside.
  • Arrange them carefully then fill the container with water.
  • Pop it in the freezer over night and you have an amazing ice decoration remember to leave a hole for the stringthis can be done by placing a piece of a straw in or a tube of paper/card.


I would love to see any of these ice decorations hanging in your gardens or from your front windows. Photos to, please.


Picture instructions for Ice decorations