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WEEK 2 Friday 15th Jan

This week I am going to be very lazy and share with you someone else's words as it says everything I wanted to share with you this week. As I know many of you are starting to worry and getting stressed as you feel you are letting your children down re home learning and the children will fall behind compared to their peers etc.  Please let that worry go, if you and them return mentally and physically well we will do the rest and even if they are in Year 6, they have many years of education ahead of them to "catch up" :-)

So please take a moment to read the words below!!




So please do not do NOTHING but please be kind to yourselves and find a BALANCE for you and your children! :-)


(N.B. If you have not been able to log on or share any home learning, your teacher may contact you to check you are okay and also see if we can help you with your home learning in anyway. Please do not see this as us checking up on you - this is simply a supportive measure.) 

This week's FAMILY challenge 


Go for a walk and look out for numbers and see which is the most common digit (0-9) within these numbers! 


The numbers could be on road signs, door numbers, car number plates - anywhere in the environment. 


Please send in your most common digit to 


I think the most common digit will be 7!


Let's see if Mr Le Fevre is right!


Please also see Mr Osmond's weekly message - found here...


or click on the link below :-)