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WEEK 1 Fri 8th Jan

Well this has been an "interesting" week for us all, but lets take the small wins...we have all made it to Friday! 


I thank you for your patience and engagement with respect to our Home Learning and I hope you are finding the right balance for you and your family.


I have also got to thank my brilliant teachers who have embraced this new way of working and for those of you who have logged onto the meetings, I hope they have been helpful. And, also a huge thank you to all the other staff in the school who have pulled together and made things just happen this week! AMAZING TEAM TIGERS!


We would like any feedback (positive and constructive) with respect to the Home (Remote) Learning offer we are providing for your children - via class email accounts or to


Every Friday, I will be posting a message to you and your children, on this section of the school website. I will be also sharing an idea for an activity you all could take part in, over the weekend or the following week. The activity is there for you all, if you find yourselves at loss for something to do, children are bored or just fancy a go!


Mr Osmond will also be doing the same on a Friday (from next week) and his focus will be yours' and your children's well being. :-) 


Finally, during the first Lockdown, I produced a pre-recorded worship for you to enjoy at home. This time I am raising the stakes (mine not yours) by having a go to broadcast worships live, using TEAMS LIVE EVENT! I will try it out in school early next week and hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to invite you to a WHOLE SCHOOL WORSHIP next Friday! 


Weekend / Weekly Challenge!


This one is an easy one...


Sit together and read your favourite stories or a few chapters of your child's book (if your child is a little older.) 


I try to do this even now with my two children, one 14 and the other 12. I really enjoy sharing a book with them and further develop that parent to child bond and maybe they do as well, not that it is cool to admit it being their age!!!


If you would like share these reading moments with me please email the a photo of you reading together or just the title of the book you have shared. 


Enjoy and have a lovely weekend. 

May your God be with you!