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Hi All 

I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine at the weekend, either in your gardens or on your daily exercise. 

I wonder how many rainbows you found on your walks? 


My children this week got a bit worried about the things that are happening with the Coronavirus. I explained to them that is okay  to worry and quite normal as at the moment things are very different and some adults are also worried. I also said i was very proud of them for sharing their worries with me. 


To help them to worry less,  I asked them to write down all  of their worries on seperate pieces of paper.  We then spent a while looking up the answers to her worries, using Government information and advise from our school's Health and Safety advisor.


When we finished finding the answers,  they said we could type them up for other children who might be worried as the answers might help them worry less.  So we made a Powerpoint which is below and added some other worries we thought children might have. (The first Powerpoint is fully animated and the second one is for printing if you wish to make cards etc) 


We have been reading the worries and answers everyday and it has helped us worry much less. We hope they help you worry a little less. 


(Please note - to make sure the answers were correct we sent them to the school's Health and Safety advisor and he checked them for us and also added some extra thoughts.)


REMEMBER it is OKAY to worry but always share your worries with a GROWN UP at home (on in school when you are there.) 







Mr Le Fevre

WEEKLY WORSHIP - 10am Tuesday for "Remote Collective Worship" - photos and responses to




This week I received a wonderful poem from Mrs Adams, please see below, and it gave me the inspiration for this weeks challenge. 


To write an PILGRIMS CROSS acrostic poem

(An acrostic poem is when the lines of the poem start with a specific letter. When read these starting letters it spells a word which is what you are writing about, in our case PILGRIMS' / PILGRIMS' CROSS. The lines can be simple or long sentences and do not have to rhyme. 


For a simple video explanation please follow this link


If you look at Mrs Adams's poem i think you will also get the idea. 


So to be clear, this week's challenge is to write an acrostic poem about PILGRIMS' CROSS like Mrs Adams. You can choose if to just use the word PILGRIMS' or the full PILGRIMS' CROSS version. 


The lines of the poem can be about things you like about our school, the school values and vision, what you do at the school, what is like to be at our school, the Learning adventures and things you are looking forward to doing, when we all return to normal etc. 


Please please send in your poems to the and your class teacher email account so i can share them on our website, to cheer everyone up. I might also use some of these poems after our LOCKDOWN to let new parents and children know what our school is really like. 


Good luck and be creative . 




Please share with us any pictures or stories or creative representations of any part of the EASTER story. 


A good information video the Easter story can be found here: