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Year 1 Blog – Food Glorious Food


We launched this Adventure with a fantastic outdoors day! The children went on a plant hunt around the school grounds, planted seeds and tasted some different fruits from around the world. This gave the children some new knowledge and got them excited for the rest of the Adventure!


In Science, we have been learning about plants and trees. We had a fantastic day at our first ever school trip to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. The children took part in pond dipping, tree identification using their leaves as well as walking through the bamboo forest and across the wobbly bridge. The coach journey was also a big hit! The trip was brilliant and gave the children so much knowledge about what plants need to survive.


In Art, we have been looking at the work of Eric Carle and Henri Matisse. Their work inspired us to create collages of different fruits as well as have a go at some printing.


In Geography, we have been comparing the Bourne Valley to Jalagaon in India. We discovered that strawberries grow well in the Bourne Valley at their ‘pick your own’ and bananas grow in hot places such as Jalagaon. We also learnt about the journey a banana goes on in order to get to the UK.


In English, we have been reading Pattan’s Pumpkin, an Indian Flood story based in the Sahydri Mountains. Pattan and his family must leave their home to escape the floods and end up floating down the river inside a giant pumpkin! The children loved this story and have completed some brilliant writing included a news report and a diary entry.


In Maths, we had to help out at the food stall by weighing the different fruits. We used non-standard units of measure (cubes) to weigh them using balance scales. We also compared the different fruits and used vocabulary such as heavy, light and equal.


We will be carrying on with this Adventure for a week or two after half term before starting our final one in Summer 2. We will be helping out the Co-Op in Picket Twenty by using what we have learnt about food to create some Healthy Living posters for them to display in their shop window. Look out of them in June!

Food, Glorious Food Learning Adventure

Our first English Learning Adventure will be based on this book: 

Our second English Learning Adventure will be based on this book: 

Ongoing Homework



  • Read your 'Little Wandle' reading book out loud with prosody. Answer the comprehension questions at the back of the book. 
  • Read together your colour banded reading book. 
  • Enjoy your library book. 



'Hit the Button' - online maths game 

  • Number Bonds - addiiton within 20 - subtraction within 20
  • Doubles -  doubles to 10 
  • Halves - halves to 10, halves from 10 to 20 



'Little Bird Spelling' - online spelling game 

  • Year 1 
  • Year 2 

Read and spell these Year 1 Common Exception Words.

In Year 1, we explore same sound, different spelling. We call this 'Grow the Code'.


1. Print off the ea words sheet. 

2. Watch the two ea videos.

3. Choose two different coloured pencils. 

Colour the ea /ee/ words one colour. 

Colour the ea /e/ words another colour.