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Summer 1

Summer 1 Flexible Learnng Map

Year 5’s adventure: Andover and its Links


We would like to say a big well done to Year 5 for getting through the first half of our Summer Term. The children have demonstrated their growing resilience and enthusiasm for their learning as they have progressed throughout this year which is excellent to see, as their time in Year 5 starts to draw to a close.


Our adventure began by using maps to explore our local area, comparing Andover from the past to Andover in the present day. We also looked at our twin town of Redon in France, in addition to the town where our partner school is located- Kasese in Uganda. In English, the children first looked at the text Letters to Africa and created a non-fiction comparative text comparing the lives of children in Africa with children in the UK. Our second English mini adventure focussed on The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John. The children developed their writing skills by creating a diary entry from the perspective of the main character meeting the mysterious white giraffe for the first time.


In maths, we used the skills we learned to complete certain challenges! During our first mini adventure we used our place value skills to climb a Ugandan mountain! Our second mini adventure focussed on improving our multiplication and division so that we could supply boreholes to families in Uganda. Our final mini adventure focussed on developing our fractions knowledge so that we could solve our real-life pizza problems.


In geography lessons, the children developed their map-reading skills, including using co-ordinates to find and visit locations throughout the school during a fieldwork activity as well as learning and comparing the human and physical geography of Andover and our twin towns. In science, the children learned about the changes that occur during the life cycle of a human. In RE, the children shared mature opinions and thoughts when learning about the concept of peace and its importance within the religion of Islam.


The children have worked very hard this term, during a time which remains challenging for us all. We are very proud of them and we look forward to our final half term of Year 5, as we begin to prepare the children for their transition into Year 6.


Miss Gill (Pine) and Mrs Hickman (Hawthorn)