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Summer 1

Summer 1


What a great start to the Summer Term we have had in Year 4! This half term the children become European explorers as we journeyed across the continent on our European Adventure. Both Ash and Beech have got stuck in with a variety of practical and problem solving activities throughout this adventure, and they have used their ‘Team Tiger’ skills to work effectively as a team. The Year 4 team would like to say a big thank you to all the children for their hard work and determination throughout Summer 1. 


We started our English adventures by reading the story ‘A Walk in Paris’, where we became curious tourists as we explored the incredible landmarks, food and experiences Paris has to offer. We used this as a stimulus for our persuasive brochures, using our organisational skills and a range of exciting vocabulary to encourage our readers to have the holiday of a life time. 


Next we travelled further south to the sunny Spanish capital of Madrid. We used our knowledge of the past tense and a range of sentences to retell the story of our spontaneous trip to Spain. The children enjoyed being creative with their descriptive vocabulary and engaging the reader to want to find out more. 


During our Maths adventures we used our place value and counting skills to became Data Analysts, helping the European Tourist board to find the most popular tourist destinations. We then used our knowledge of fractions and decimals to calculate the costs for our European festival - trying our best to stay within budget! 


In Geography it was time to use our locational skills as we discovered more about where different European countries are located, followed by learning about their capital cities. The children also thought carefully about the landscapes of each country depending on their location, and used this knowledge to identify and explore the incredible human and physical features that can be found across the continent. 


Our adventures in Geography also helped with our Art adventures, as we used the different human and physical features across Europe to inspire different pieces of art which used a range of tools and techniques. The children used patience and precision to draw the iconic London and Lisbon skylines using the shading and dotting techniques, and next focused on the physical features of Germany and The Netherlands to create our own representations of the picturesque castles and tulip fields. We loved watching the children’s creative flare and individuality shine through as they designed their own original pieces of art. 


The children also worked hard on their scientific observational skills during Summer 1 as we used a series of practical investigations to learn more about how sound works. We used a range of musical instruments and our hand made shakers to experiment with pitch and volume, followed by investigating how sound travels by creating our own string telephones. All the children loved trialling and testing their different ideas, proving themselves as resilient rhinos and determined scientists! 


Our many adventures across the continent ended on a high note with our European Festival, and we were amazed with the efforts from the children when they came to school in some fabulous outfits to represent a European country. There were pizzas to represent Italy, berets, stripes and scarfs to show the chic French style, and many more. The children were also brave food critics as we tickled our taste buds with a selection of European pastries and delicacies. Our festival was a highlight of the adventure, and it was great to see the children to enthusiastic and engaged in their learning. 


Congratulations Year 4 on another fun filled half term full of learning and adventures, off we go to travel back in time to brave it all when we visit the Vicious Vikings!