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Summer 1

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Summer 1


We can’t believe that we are writing the end of first summer term blog already. This half term has gone so quickly but what a wonderful half term it has been! We are both so very proud of the children and what they have achieved and we hope that both you and them had a lovely, relaxing May half term.

This term was called ‘Walk Like an Egyptian;’ a History adventure filled with exciting (some a little disgusting!) adventurous challenges. During our adventure launch we became Egyptogists and learnt how to decode secret messages that were written in hieroglyphics, made our very own Egyptian collars and learnt new vocabulary that would help us with our adventures over the rest of the term.

In English, we mummified tomatoes, after learning about the process of mummification in our adventure lessons and from this we wrote a set of instructions on how to mummify a loved one, just like the Egyptians did! During our second writing adventure, we listened to the story of the Egyptian Cinderella and then came up with our own Egyptian fairy tales. Both Miss Harris and I loved reading the children’s stories and much preferred the alternative additions to the familiar fairy tales, for example; ‘The Ninjabread Pharoh!’ The children showed so much enjoyment throughout this adventure and the creativity shown in their final writes was truly fantastic!

In Maths, we have been focusing on multiplication and division. The children were guided in developing their skills further so that they could apply their understanding in solving mathematical problems just like the Egyptians did! During our shape mini adventure, we learnt about different lines (e.g. horizontal, perpendicular) so that we could create a new structure for a pharaoh’s new sarcophagus, burial chamber and tomb!

In Science the children developed their knowledge of plants through a series of exciting Science investigations. We discussed about the requirements of plants, investigated how water is transported and explored the way that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants. All this learning guided the children in writing some very impressive ‘personal statements’ stating why they should be employed as the Pharaoh’s new gardener!

Lastly in RE, the children embraced the challenging Christian concept of the ‘Holy Trinity.’ Both Miss Harris and I were incredibly impressed with how resilient the children were in unpicking this tricky concept and watching them represent their understanding of this concept in their own way was incredibly rewarding to see.

The children (and the teachers!) loved our end of adventure celebration especially as we all got to dress up. We ended the term soaking up the glorious sunshine whilst making sand dune paradises.

We would both like to thank you all for your continued support with helping us with events like ‘dress up day’ and reading with you children regularly at home. It really helps us help your children immerse themselves in their learning adventures with a big smile and the confidence to achieve their very best.