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Summer 1

Summer 1 Year 2 – Off the beaten track

Our adventure started with the arrival of 3 penguin eggs and a letter. The penguins needed to be returned to Antarctica. We then spent the half term learning about the continents of the world as well as the oceans and the equator in order to look after the penguin eggs. We started with Antarctica!

In English we read the fact book ‘The Emperor’s Egg’. We looked at the features of non-fiction books and we wrote our own fact books all about penguins. We even used the iPad to download pictures to use in our fact books.

In Maths we learnt how to multiply so that we could help the Emperor penguin sort out his eggs before they hatched. We used arrays and repeated addition to help us.

Only 2 of the eggs had hats to keep them warm so in DT we designed and sewed an egg cosy to keep the other egg warm. We sent the eggs back to Antarctica and they posted a letter and a photograph to tell us they had arrived home safely and hatched!

We moved on to learn about the continent Africa and the country Kenya with the arrival of a magic cactus! In English we read the story ‘Lila and the secret of rain’ and wrote our own zigzag books about the story. In Maths we learnt about fractions to help Lila sort the African animals into the Savannah.

We made our own dioramas to showcase our understanding of the continents and oceans and we ended our adventure by recording a video of everything we had learnt this half term! We even included the weather rap we learnt in music!

In RE we learnt about who God is and how he is a forgiving father in the Christian faith. We read the story of the lost son and Jonah and the whale. In PSHE we have focused on what a good friend is and how we can manage our behaviour when we have disputes with them.

We have had a busy but fun filled half term! Well done to all the children for their positive attitudes to learning! We are looking forward to our final half term together.

Mrs McNeil, Mrs Carter and Miss Burgess