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This half-term our Learning Adventure was called Twinned Towns in which we learnt about the twinned towns of Andover, looking closely at Redon in France. This was a Geography Learning Adventure that taught the children to develop their skills of human and physical features to understand how this impacts the population and economic activity of both Redon and Andover.

We blended our Art Learning Adventure with Geography this half-term. Art focussed on sewing; in particular, the cross-stitch and backstitch. The children showed great resilience and persevered over a number of lessons to create impressive coasters using the colours of the French flag.

In Science, we have been learning about electricity. The children learned how to keep safe around electricity and they all successfully managed to make a circuit complete to light a bulb. From here, the children planned, carried out and explained their results to their own investigative question.

We were very impressed with the children’s talents in Computing too. The children were tasked with the problem of working out how to create loops and to design coding programmes. After some practising of the skills, the children applied all that they had learned, to create a game using Scratch Junior software.

In RE, the children learnt about the events during Pentecost. This was when the Holy Spirit visited Jesus’ disciples and many people from across the East and enabled them to speak in different languages than their own. This was the day many Christians believe Christianity began. This was a tricky concept for the children to understand but they could see the significance of the events in the formation of Christianity.

As always, the children have worked hard in English in Maths and as a result, they have completed some fabulous pieces of work. In English, the children focussed on figurative language and powerful word choices to write a letter to a group of villagers explaining their magnificent trip. While in Maths, the children have developed their skills of area and shape to create their own garden set in either Andover or Redon. They have also learned to add and subtract using formal written methods to help the twinned town committee to understand the human features of Andover in greater detail.


As always, we are very thankful for your continued support and we both look forward to starting our next amazing Learning Adventure with the children.