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Summer 1

Year 6 – Summer 1


Summer 1 , Year 6’s learning adventure was ‘Shine Bright You Crazy Diamond’. This topic focused on the geography element of natural resources and we looked at the different countries around the world where resources could be found. We discussed the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and we even blended our art learning with this by creating relief prints with our interpretations of renewable energy sources. As well as this, our Science learning adventure was about light. During this topic, we learned that light travels in straight lines and will stop if it meets an opaque object. We also looked into the reasons behind shadows and carried out investigations to find out when and why shadows change in size. Throughout the half term, our main English focus was poetry. We read poems from the book ‘The Lost Words’ and used this as our inspiration for our own poems which were about animals in the local area of Andover. These poems are now published in a class book in each classroom, all with a matching picture.


Finally, how could we talk about Summer 1 and not mention SATs. We worked extremely hard on the build up to this event and every single one of us tried our best in all of the tests…so much so that our teachers gave us all a certificate to show just how proud they were!