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Spring 2

Ingenious Inventors


What a brilliant start to 2021 we have had in both Beech and Ash classes! It was amazing to be back together (at the end of the term) in school and feel the community spirit once more, with all the children working together to support each other after another lockdown. The Year 4 team would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and learning that the children engaged in whilst learning at home.

We started our Ingenious Inventors adventure by reading the story ‘Rosie Revere, engineer’. The children were immediately inspired by Rosie and very quickly began their journey of becoming inventors.

We later moved on to reading ‘The Emperor and the Kite’. The children enjoyed spending time becoming actors and playwrights. They wrote their own play scripts and acted them out in front of the rest of the class ensuring that they adhered to the stage directions.

We used our historical skills to enquire and interpret. We researched and found out lots of information about famous inventor, asked questions and looked at a variety of inventions including trying to guess when they had been invented. We really enjoyed a quiz about inventions and were surprised by some of the answers and dates. We loved seeing the children’s own inventions and designs. We clearly have a lot of very creative children in Year 4!

The children worked very hard in maths last half term and practiced telling the time, solving a range of time-related word problems and estimating and reading the time to the nearest minute. We also re-capped out knowledge of multiplication and division and ensured that we could use a variety of strategies to solve a range of different calculations including the grid method, number lines and bar model.

In science we had lots of fun experimenting with different ways of making circuits. We made a human circuit and carried out practical investigations. We names the basic parts in a circuit and learned about the purpose of switches, conductors and insulators.

In DT we had great fun. The teachers were so impressed with the ingenuity of the children’s designs and prototypes. The children were asked to design a product that they could use to help complete a function in everyday life. They used a variety of different skills including planning, labelling, selecting resources, and making their first porotype of the invention. All children were able to think of unique and exciting ideas and explained them well to the rest of their group.

In our RE learning we reminded ourselves about the Easter story and set about asking and answering questions about ‘redemption’ and salvation. The children really engaged well in all of the debates and showed a good understanding of the different ways that Easter is celebrated in different faiths, countries and how they celebrate it with their own family.

We hope that you all had a great Easter holiday and enjoyed the welcome return of some sunshine.