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Spring 2

Spring 2 Year 2 – All Aboard

Our adventure ‘All Aboard’ started when we received a cut up letter that needed putting together. Once the letter has been stuck back together we found out it was from a little girl called Martha telling us about her journey on board the Titanic. We discovered so many wonderful and interesting facts about the Titanic and the different class passengers.

In Art we had lots of fun creating port holes using water colours that were then displayed all around the classroom.

In English we read a lovely story called Samson’s Titanic Journey, all about a little mouse called Samson. We wrote a diary entry in role as the mouse, explaining all of his different experiences on board the Titanic. Our next story was a huge favourite in Year 2, The Snail and the Whale. We thoroughly enjoyed going on an adventure with the snail and wrote another brilliant diary entry using adjectives to describe all the wonderful places he saw, from coral caves to golden beaches.

In Maths we continued learning how to add and subtract on an empty number line which then helped us to make sure the lifeboats had the correct amount of passengers on them. Using The Snail and the Whale story we began learning how to use a ruler and measure the length of the snails trail in centimeters.

In Science we were asked by the White Star Line to help them investigate before they could set sail any more boats. We looked at how much of a boat needs to be full of water to sink, how we could melt an ice-burg and what shape would be the best for a life boat. In order to do this, we had to think about how investigations needs to be fair, how we can record and collect data and how we can explain and reason our findings. We all did such a good job that we received a badge to celebrate our achievements.

With an unexpected lockdown, we all faced a lot of challenges during this Spring term. We cannot express in words how proud of our Year 2’s we are! You have all handled these challenges with nothing but positivity and enthusiasm. Well done Year 2 another term where you have ‘smashed it’. Let’s ensure that our Summer Term is full of exciting adventures, great learning and lots of smiles.

Mrs McNeil, Mrs Carter and Miss Burgess  


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