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Spring 2

Britain's Bravest Battle 

During Spring 2, our topic in year 6 was ‘Britain’s Bravest Battle’. Our main history focus was WW2 and specifically D-Day. For our hook day, we sent the children on a scavenger hunt to collect information about WW2 which they then had to place in chronological order. After this, they had time to explore artefacts from the Hampshire wardrobe history box.

Later in the half term, we blended together our history and DT learning to create amphibious vehicles which we researched, designed and built in small groups. We then tested them on land and in water (both of which went well!).

In addition to our main adventure, we also took part in mini adventures in maths and English. During these, we had to solve a WW2 code in maths using our problem solving skills and we wrote a time-slip narrative as a WW2 evacuee and a diary entry as a D-Day soldier, both of which made us empathise and imagine we were someone else.

As well as this, we finally got to go on our trip to the Isle of Wight and, although it rained all day, we got to enjoy the viewpoint of the Needles and we had a lot of fun down on the beach. We made artwork out of rocks and clay, worked together to find the objects on our scavenger hunt and we also took time to take in the physical geography of the area. We saw a range of features including chines, cliffs and rivers as well as observing the amount of erosion that has affected the cliff faces over the years.

We ended our half term with a VE Day celebration with our families. Firstly, we watched Winston Churchill’s announcement and imagined what it would have been like to be sat there on that historic day. Then, we had time to show our parents our work, have a drink and some cakes and play some old fashioned games. We finished off with a quiz to show off all we had learned throughout the topic!