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Spring 2

Year 2 Blog – Come fly with me!


This adventure launched with a surprise video from British Airways pilot Joanna Allen. She asked for the help of Year 2 starting with identifying lost luggage. Inside the lost suitcase were lots of clues about our new adventure, Come fly with me!


In History we learnt all about Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman and created fact sheets about them. They were both female pilots who very sadly died when they were only just starting their careers.


In computing we learnt to take photographs using an iPad. We discussed what makes a good photograph. We took our own photos and edited them using different tools on the iPad such as light effects and colour saturation.


In DT and Science we looked at different materials and their characteristics. We investigated what material would make the best parachute. We were asked to make a hanger for a plane so we had to think about how to build strong, stable structures and test them to see if they could withstand wind!


In English we watched the short film ‘Taking Flight’ and from this we created our own flying cart adventure story. We learnt how to use a variety of conjunctions as well as contracted words. We also read the book ‘The Story Machine’ where we learnt to use different suffixes such as –less and –full. We used our new skills to help us write a story using ‘The Story Machine’ as inspiration.


In Maths we helped Pilot Joanna find out how many planes British Airways needed this summer by building on our addition and subtraction knowledge and being able to collect data and draw pictograms.


We have had a wonderful half term! Thank you for your support.