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Spring 2

Monday 28th March Home Learning



Read a book on bug club and answer the questions.


Choose two fairy tales that you know well and compare them. What is similar about each story? What is different?



Draw a picture of something in your house or outside (e.g. a favourite toy, flowers). Write some sentences about what you have drawn. Remember your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Use your phonics to help you with your spellings.



Practise counting backwards from 20, 30 and 50. 


Practise writing numbers up to 50.


Solve these subtraction number sentences. Use resources, drawing or solve them mentally.

9 - 3 =       10 - 6 =       8 - 4 =     15 - 4 =     17 - 3 =     20 - 5 =



Create your own work out. This might include dancing, stretches or exercise moves. Write it down before testing it out.

Friday 18th March Home Learning



Explain to your parents what 'prosody' means. Read a double page spread of your Little Wandle reading book with prosody. Who in your family can read the page using the 'best' prosody? Have a go and see. 


Is your book fiction or non-fiction? How can you tell? Discuss with the people at home. 


FICTION: If there are capital letters, bold words ? or ! , use your voice to show you know what these are for. If there are speech marks, remember to change your voice into the voice of the character.

NON-FICTION: Say two new facts you have learnt. Answer questions at the back of the book in the Comprehension section - Can you find the answer in the book? 'Don't just guess, check in the text.' 



English - Writing 

Write a diary entry in role as Rapunzel locked in the tower. Tell your diary what is happening to you. Express your feelings and ask questions i.e. What am I doing here? Why has this witch locked me in the tower? This will be a practise for the writing you will do in class on Monday. 




1. Write out your numbers from 0 - 50 and then practise counting backwards from 50.

2. Get your grown up to quiz you! Grown ups say any number between 0 - 100 and get your child to write it down.


3. These numbers are all in the wrong order! Can you order them from smallest to largest?


17, 19, 12, 15


25, 23, 24, 22


31, 20, 49, 13


45, 58, 33, 61


4. Have a go at solving the maths problems below (click on the sheet). 



PSHE - Keeping Safe Online 

We have been learning about the internet and what we use it for.

Create a poster to show all that you have learnt about the internet. 

Questions to think about:

- What is it used for the most? (e.g. learning, talking to people, games, videos)

- How can we, and others, keep safe when using the internet? (e.g. ask your grown ups if something comes up which you are unsure of, don't share your personal information to people you do not know).




Think about what you have learnt about materials so far. Can you name some materials that you know? Can you spot them around your home?

How do you think the materials you have found were made? Are they naturally found materials or man-made? 



Can all materials float? Make a prediction and explain why you think this e.g. I think plastic will float because... I think wood will float because...  I don't think metal will float because...

Test it out with some materials found around your home. Make sure that your grown up is happy for the objects to get wet first!



History: The Queen's Coronation  - 1953 

Watch one of the video links below of the Queen's Coronation.  

- How old was Elizabeth when she became Queen? 

- Why didn't her coronation happen until a year later? 

- Who was her father? 

- How long has Elizabeth been Queen? 

- What will be celebrating in July this year? 


Watch 'The Crowning Ceremony' video link 

Ask people in your family to 'crown' you Queen _______ or King _______. You could even use props! Take a photo. 



Thursday 17th March Home Learning 


Reading: Bug Club

Fiction - How would you describe the characters? Remember to use the word 'because' to help you give reasons.

Non-fiction - Tell someone two key facts you have learnt.  



Writing: Questions - watch the video and complete the task below.  

             Contractions - watch the video and complete the task below.  



Counting to 100

- use 'paint the squares' or 'helicopter rescue' below to practise counting on from any number to 100.

- use 'paint the squares' or 'helicopter rescue' the 100 square below to practise counting backwards from 50.


One more, One less

- Pick a number between 1 and 100. What is one more or one less than your chosen number?


Number facts

- How many addition and subtraction facts can you write down in order to make each of these numbers?

E.g. 11 (9 + 2, 10 + 1, 12 - 1)

Try it with the following numbers: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


History: Queen Elizabeth I 

Our Queen is called Queen Elizabeth II - Why is that?

Who was Queen Elizabeth I? Research information and create a poster or fact sheet about her.  Use the website links below for your research. 


Science: Materials

Go on a material hunt around your home. How many different materials can you find? (e.g. metal, glass, plastic). Create a tally chart. What material do you have the most of in your house? What material do you have the least of in your house?





Wednesday 16th March - Sycamore Class Learning from Home 


Spellings (sent home yesterday)


'Cinderella' Purple Mash '2Do' Activities (login details have previously been sent home) 


Reading: Choose from Bug Club (login details are on the back of red reading diary), Colour Band Reading Book, Little Wandle Reading Book, Library Book (remember to return your books on Thursday!)  


Maths: Learn addition and subtraction facts within 20 using the 'Hit the Button' online game. (Click on the link below)


History: What do you know already about the Queen? Tell your parents what you found out yesterday. Research facts about our Queen. Where does she live? What is her 'job'? What are her hobbies? How old is she? How long has she been the Queen?  Create a poster of images and information about the Queen to put on our working wall. 


P.E.: 'Cinderella' Cosmic Yoga  (Click on the link below) 


Our Cinderella Ball will be on Friday 8th April.  You can come as anything from a fairytale or wear a traditional suit or dress. Plan your costume.


Practise dancing the Waltz with someone at home to the music (Click on the link below). 1,2,3 (step, tap, tap) 1,2,3 (step, tap, tap) twirl, twirl then repeat, just like some of you did with me in class.  


If your child is off school with Covid and they are not feeling too unwell, here is home learning for 5 days. We hope they will join us back at school very soon. 

Spellings: Year 1 Tricky Words


It is best to practise these spellings a few a day, not all at once.


Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check

          1. Look at the word. Say it and spell it out using the alphabet letter names (not sounds)

have    h    a     v    e        have    h    a    v    e         have    h    a   v   e


2. Cover it up. Write it down. 


3. Check it by ticking off each letter you got right.


4. If you didn’t spell it right, correct it. What do you need to remember next time?






















Can you spell the word correctly in a sentence?

Remember a capital letter and full stop or question mark.

Sycamore Class P.E. days stay the same; Mondays and Wednesdays.

Maple Class P.E. days are Tuesdays (change from Monday) and Wednesdays. 


Please attend school in P.E. kit with all jewellery removed or stud earrings covered with micropore tape. 

Our first English Learning Adventure is based on this book.

Miss Deighton reads 'Rapunzel' by Bethan Woollvin