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Spring 2

Flexible Learning Map - Spring 2

Spring 2 – Turrets and Tiaras!

We were so excited to welcome all of the children back for the last four weeks of the Spring term. The children settled back into school life brilliantly and it was lovely to be all learning together again face to face!

In English and Guided Reading, we read a story called Egg Box Dragon. Egg Box Dragon was quite mischievous at the start of the story and the children thought about how the different characters might be feeling based on what the story told us as well as clues from the pictures. We discovered that Egg Box Dragon was very good at finding things and even the Queen wanted his help. The children practised their writing skills by writing a letter in role as the Queen, asking for Egg Box Dragon’s help to find her missing jewel.

In History, we learnt about different Queen’s including Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The children learnt about what they were like as Queen’s before thinking about what they would want to be like if they were a King or a Queen. We turned our classroom chairs into thrones and the children decorated them with different symbols to symbolise what they would be like if they were a King or Queen. We chose hearts to represent love and doves to represent peace. We also made crowns and acted out a Queen’s Coronation.



In Science, we learnt to name and describe different materials. We then discovered that the castle roof had been destroyed in a battle! We used our knowledge of materials to predict what material might be best for the roof before investigating them ourselves. We decided to test how waterproof the different materials were as we thought that it was very important for a roof to be waterproof.

For our learning celebration we had a Royal Party, including food and dancing! The children loved coming to school in their royal party clothes.



To finish off the term, we learnt about the Easter story in RE. The children thought about the different signs of spring as well as the signs that Easter is coming. We found out that eggs symbolise new life. After finding out about the Easter story, the children thought about why Easter is important to Christians and how they celebrate Easter today. We made our own Easter gardens and tasted some hot cross buns – yummy!