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Spring 1


This half term we have been immersed into a Geography based Learning Adventure called Brazil Vs Milford.

In this Learning Adventure, the children developed their understanding of South America as a continent as well as the countries in it. In particular, we studied Rio. The children were keen to delve deeper into Rio and beyond the beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent mountains. Instead, they looked closely at the human features of Rio especially the favelas and how businesses and communities existed within these environments. The children were shocked to see how diverse one place could be so then we started comparing this to a town closer to home, Milford.


The Learning Adventure couldn’t pass without a visit from Hampshire Music services. The children had an enjoyable day learning to play varying Samba instruments. By the end of the day the children had been so engaged that they were able to generate a musical pieced led by our conductor.


In English, the children researched tourist attractions in Rio and from this they recorded their research and planned their work before producing a persuasive brochure to convince tourists to come to Rio.  It was pleasing to see how much effort the children put into using rhetorical questions, persuasive language, and fronted adverbial phrases. The children also engaged in a Pele based Mini Learning Adventure whereby the children again researched and planned a non-chronological report about Pele and his life.


In Maths, the children have been working hard to develop their understanding of column addition and column subtraction which we then later used to solve problems comparing Rio and Milford. Later, we developed our skills for solving fraction problems using bar models and number lines. We learnt how to divide numbers by 10 and 100 before moving onto position and direction whereby we became football commentators and we moved players around the pitch.


In Science, the children focussed on learning about Sound. They learned how the sound travelled through a medium to the ear and then they experimented how well sound could travel through paper cups and string. We even made musical instruments to investigate how to change the pitch and volume.


Finally in RE, the children have been learning about the concept of Freedom and justice. For this, we used the story of Moses and how he led the slaves out of Egypt. The children discussed whether Moses was right to get involved and we then looked at what Freedom and Justice meant to them.


We would like to take this opportunity for supporting us in aiding your child with home learning. Your support is always appreciated.


The Year Four Team.


If you or your child has Covid, the Year 4 team wish you a speedy recovery and we hope you are resting. If you do feel well enough to engage in some learning, then below is a week's worth of learning for you to have a go at.

Take care,

Miss Harris and Mrs Hutchison

Isolation learning WC 7.2.2022

Week Commencing 24.1.22 Home Learning for Isolation