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Spring 1

Year 5’s Adventure: Extreme Earth


Firstly, a huge well done to Year 5! The children are now half way through their Year 5 journey and we can’t believe how quickly time has flown. We are seeing wonderful progress both academically and personally and there is a real sense of accomplishment and positivity.


This adventure started with the children using a variety of non-fiction texts to discover exciting facts about natural disasters, in particular, volcanic eruptions. They used this as inspiration to create their very own Nick Rowland inspired volcanic eruption paint-splat art which has been displayed proudly in their classrooms throughout this half term. It has really brightened up the walls!


In Maths, the children deepened their understanding of fractions and decimals to two decimal places. We also refreshed our protractor skills and used these to learn how to draw angles in geometry. This helped us to successfully measure the angles of a range of volcanoes and mountains!


In English, the children have worked hard in two mini adventures. Firstly, the children became journalists and created a dramatic and informative news articles about the recent volcanic eruption of the Cumbre Vieja in La Palma. They extracted information, focussing on the 5 Ws, from several different sources and developed their skills on selecting relevant facts to use in their work. In their second mini adventure, the children focussed writing their own yeti adventures based on ‘King of the Cloud Forests’ by Michael Morpurgo. We looked at the use of impactful language, using expanded noun phrases and figurative language to create a suspenseful story and yeti description.


In Geography, the children used laptops and atlases to independently identify different countries and their relative location to each other. The children then developed their understanding further by looking at the impact of different natural disasters across the globe. Thankfully, we discovered that we don’t live near any active volcanoes – what a relief!


In Science, we looked further into how things move and what stops this movement. By describing the effects of gravity and how we can slow down a falling object, we were able to make some exciting predictions for our experiment. With their knowledge of gravity, air resistance and mass, the children were able to design their own paper helicopters and create a fair experiment to see how long our helicopters took to fall to the ground. We then had a fun class competition to see who had created a helicopter with the most air resistance!


The children have all achieved amazing things this term, collectively and individually- and we are proud of them. We are very much looking forward to seeing just as much progress throughout the second half of Year 5!

Year 5 Spring 1 Home Learning