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Spring 1

Year 3 Blog - Spring 1


What an exciting half term we had in Year 3! Both classes had some changes to the adults working in the classroom with them, but we settled to these quickly and began our exciting learning adventure, “Wanders With Wilbur”!


The children had the challenging task of finding a new home for Wilbur (the pig in the book Charlotte’s Web) as well as designing a garden for him with a sculpture in, to remember his spider friend Charlotte.

To help them achieve this outcome the children learnt all about the Geography of the surrounding area. They found out about human and physical features, hills and plains as well as using digital  mapping through google earth to plan and identify a location for Wilbur’s new home. There was some fantastic home learning and it was brilliant to see how many children had taken on the challenge of venturing out to explore our local area including the Salisbury plains – well done Year 3!


In English the children created a piece of writing to tell the story of Wilbur the pig from his own point of view. To do this the children worked on developing their grammar, punctuation and language skills to help engage the reader in their 1st person narrative. We also further enhanced our vocabulary skills to help Charlotte with her home learning. The children created vivid description pieces, describing a setting for Wilbur’s new home to send to Charlotte as examples. Finally our English mini adventures were drawn to a close with the children creating some beautiful shape poems in memory of the wonderful spider, Charlotte.


In Maths the children worked hard, using their learning about time to help Wilbur understand when his next feed is due. They also did a lot to help on the farm where Fern (the little girl who saved baby Wilbur) lives. The children used their knowledge of fractions to help with jobs on the farm, working out how much the different animals should be fed. Finally the children used their fantastic skills in addition and subtracting to create pamphlets to help Fern’s family open a learning centre on their farm. The pamphlets were designed to help teach other children how to do their adding and taking away.


In Science the children learnt all about plants and the different functions of their different parts. We carried out an experiment to show how water is carried our the plant by using coloured water to dye flowers. The children had to plan a fair test and record their observations.


In Art the children looked at an artist whose work is inspired by nature and use this to explore patterns, lines and shapes through sketching and creating prints. We then looked at a sculptor and used their work as an inspiration to create web sculptures, with interest lines and texture to remember Charlotte.

We also launched our new online platform SpellingFrame which is a great way for the children to have fun whilst learning to spell.


A busy half term, but lots of fun and some fantastic learning from Year 3 and thank you to all our Year 3 families for your ongoing support for the children and their learning.

The Year 3 Team