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Spring 1

Year 2 Blog – A Twist in the Tale


This adventure launched with the children coming to school dressed as their favourite fairy tale characters. The children enjoyed sharing their favourite tales and creating top trump cards about their characters. We had princesses, dragons, farmers and cats to name a few! The children created lollypop characters and a theatre using boxes to retell their tales!


In Geography the children learnt about the countries in the UK; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They learnt facts about each country such as their emblem, flag, capital city, places to visit, favourite foods and much more! They created posters and fact files about the countries.


In Science we looked at adults and their off spring as well as creating instructions for how to look after a pet.


In Art the children made some incredible montages of the countries in the UK using weaving, sewing and collage! You must look at our display during parent’s evening.


In English we read the traditional tale ‘The Sweetest Song’. The children were able to retell the story and write their own versions with a twist! We looked at homophones and how to use the past tense correctly. We also learnt about the author Mini Grey. Her story ‘The Last Wolf’ inspired us to write to the council persuading them to plant more trees.


In Maths we looked at addition and subtraction to help the goats cross the bridge. We learnt about 2D and 3D shapes in order to rebuild the pig’s houses. We also learnt how to tell the time to help the pigs know what time the big bad wolf would arrive!


We have had a wonderful half term! Thank you for your support.