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Spring 1

If your child is off school with Covid, we hope they are not feeling too unwell. Below is a document providing work for 5 days of learning at home. 



Our P.E. days are Mondays and Wednesdays. Please attend school in P.E. kit with all jewellery removed or stud earrings covered with micropore tape. 

Our first English Learning Adventure will be based on this text: 


This wonderful story time read aloud is a perfect book for key stage 1 children! Wild by the amazing Emily Hughes is a great book for primary school children...

Our second English learning adventure is based on this book; 

Year 1 Spring 1 Blog


We launched our ‘GO WILD’ Learning Adventure with a wild animal hunt in the school grounds. We placed the animals in hot places or cold places to review our learning from Year R.

In English, we read the book WILD then created our own stories based on an animal being taken from its natural home into an unfamiliar place. We learnt how to add -ed and -ing onto verbs. We also learnt how to use ‘and’ to join two words together.


In Science, we learnt about different types of animals; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and the characteristic features of each. We chose an animal to find out more about and we created a fact file of information about the animal.


Our chosen animal was also the focus for our artwork. We looked at the wonderful art of the Wildlife Artist of the Year David Shepherd and made sketches of a chosen animal. We went on to look closely at the pattern, texture and colour of the animal's skin to create patterns and mix colours. We investigated then used clay skills to create a clay sculpture of the animal, adding pattern then colour. We placed the clay animal into its home with access to food, drink and shelter in its natural surroundings. 


In Geography, we named and located hot and cold places of the world. We started to name and locate some continents. We had to find out where our chosen animal comes from and find it on a world map.


Our GO WILD Learning Adventure weaved together nicely!