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Our RE curriculum aims to help children discover their beliefs and viewpoints to a variety of concepts that they will encounter throughout their lives. Some of these concepts may be specific to personal encounters such as celebration, other concepts may be seen throughout many religions such as water as a symbol and others may only be relevant to one religion such as Umma. In this way, the RE curriculum is helping the children develop a sense of mutual respect for the different faiths and opinions they will encounter in the diverse world. RE should encourage children to feel safe to talk about their beliefs as well as respectfully evaluate other people’s ideas and ask deep questions.


The RE curriculum follows the guidance as set out in the Living Difference III; the agreed RE syllabus for all Hampshire schools regardless of whether they are a church school. This syllabus intends for all children to be exposed to the concept in 5 ways:

1.Enquire – explore the meaning of the concept.

2. Communicate – discovering what the concept means to them and when they have personally experienced the concept.

3. Apply – Discovering other children’s and people’s viewpoints.

4. Contextualise – learning what the concept means to the specific religion

5. Evaluate – evaluating the significance of the concept and the what ifs.