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Hi All 


The following pages will detail your child's 'Remote Learning' plan for Friday afternoons - this is the same for all year groups. 


On each page you will find:

1. A picture with a thinking question to discuss together as a family.

2. A range of activities based on the picture and thinking question for your child(ren) to choose to carryout. 

(If your child does not fancy any of these activities and can create another one, related to the picture and thinking question, then that is also okay, the more confident writers might want to write their own newspaper article like the newspaper detailed in number 4) 

3. Some paper resources that are detailed in the range of activities mentioned above.

(These do not need to be printed - they can be viewed and answered or replicated easily. If you feel printing is needed and you cannot, please choose one of the other activities )

4. A copy of a childrens' newspaper sharing up to date "news" written in a child appropriate manner. 


Our hope is that having the same home learning for all children will provide a connection across the school, as we will all be thinking about the same subject. It will hopefully also help to make Friday afternoon a little easier for you all as siblings can work together and will encourage all children to think about recent and relevant real life events which can be shared collectively on these pages*. 


*To help us share these please send in a photo of your child's Friday afternoon's home learning to using the subject "PICTURE NEWS" and the Friday's date. 


You will also find on the page below detailing Firday's date this weeks worship for you to watch and take part in. The thinking is for us all to watch the Worship video at 2.15pm so we all can virtually be together at the end of the week. (Hopefully this will become a LIVE event but until then there will be recordings :-))